Lowell Flower - Hybrid 3.5g


1/8 ounce, top shelf flower. Curated strains by seasonal harvest.


1. we grow our flowers with only organic fertilizer 2. we never use synthetic pesticides 3. we pay our our farmers a proper living wage 4. we use natural materials from seed to sale


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4.3 stars

Orange creamsicle

Amazing!!!! I highly recommend super fresh tested, high thc good price, love it

Chocolate Truffle

Got an 8th of this at City Compassionate Caregivers around late April or May of this year. The bud was 🔥🔥🔥. Taste was on point and smelled like chocolate. Buds were dense and sticky with nice trichomes! Smoke was smooth and hits very hard.

Smells and vapes so good

Edit: I have to change my review. I got another 8th of this and it was completely bunk. I'm vaping it from a clean, isolated airpath vaporizer and it tastes like chewing an aspirin. Bitter, chemically, and lingering. I don't understand, it's the same strain from the same farm, why is this so gross? It was fully sealed. They don't even have an email or number I can contact them. Just finish my first quad of this hybrid, I'm a customer for life as long as the quality stays this good. Cheaper than dispensary weed and better quality. The smell is AMAZING, very green, sweet flowery smell, perfectly cured. I vape it in a desktop dry herb vaporizer and the taste and effects are top tier. Most important to me is the peace of mind of no pesticides. THANKS LOWELL!


Tried their new flower and it was insane. I looooooooove this branding and thought maybe the product wouldn’t be the best. But I’m surprised the flower was actually amazing!
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