Pacific Stone | Banjo Sativa (2g)


Pacific Stone - Banjo Sativa


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4.5 stars

Best Budget Meds

Picked up the 1/4 bag at The Re-Up dispensary. I really liked the Banjo over the Lemon Sativa. Banjo had more crystals, sticky when I break it up, and when I opened the child proof bag, it smelled like Tangelo. Pungent for bud stored in a bag! I was happy to see that I had two huge buds along with other great sized frosty nugs. The effects we're almost instantaneous. Has me zipping through the clouds with one hit , smoking the whole blunt of it is enough to relax you. Worth the money, perfect for my budget.

Pretty good for the price

It had a good tangie smell. But it got Dry like 5mins after I opened the bag small buds good for the price. I did a review on YouTube BOB BARKER STRAIN REVIEWS check it out
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