Death Bubba

Death Bubba Strain. This cannabis strain is a hybrid that is 70/30 indica dominate strain. The Death bubba strain was created by crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush. The outcome was a pungent woody earthy smell. One puff from this strain and you won’t no if your in the clouds or in a dream. Very popular strain and great after a long day at work to help you just relax. I highly recommend Death Bubba strain if you need to get some sleep but also need to be up a little while longer. At first you’ll get some energy because of the sativa effects but very quickly you’ll start to be really relaxed, mellow and sleeping will be not a problem. generally this strain is great for helping with stress. This strain in particular is one of my favourites because of its strong healing nature for pain or stress. Our Death Bubba strain is grown in our ACMPR facility with our experienced growers. This plant is not for beginners growing. We have perfected the perfect enviroment to get the most thc in our plants. Yield for this strain is not the main concern. Like always quality cannabis is always our main priority. Get your deep incredible sleep by trying this extraordinary strain. 

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