420 Carat 1:1 – THC:CBD

420 Carat 1:1 – THC:CBD  Looking for a bud that is high in CBD but also gives you a nice buzz? This is the strain you have been looking for. 420 Carat is a unique strain that gives you the best qualities of an indica and a sativa. It’s popular choice for daytime use as the effects are slightly more on the sativa side in where you feel more motivated than lazy at first. This not to say there are no indica qualities; 420 Carat’s indica side eventually creeps up on you with a relaxing body buzz. These big beautiful buds are a shade of olive green covered in bright orange hairs and crystals. The buds themselves smell slightly skunky however the taste is much more flavourful. Many describe the aroma as a floral, with a mild grapefruit flavour that is a delight to exhale.  420 Carat’s real claim to fame is its one of a kind buzz and high CBD percentage. Offering a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD makes 420 Carat the perfect blend of pain relief and euphoria. Many describe the high as very uplifting leaving the user in a zen like state of mind. This transitions into a deep state of relaxation leaving your mind and body relaxed. Be sure to add this unique strain to your cart while quantities last.

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