Ice Wreck (AAA)

Ice Wreck is an evenly balanced of both 50% sativa and 50% indica. The strain is cross between Ice and Trainwreck, two super strains. This extremely potent hybrid pairing has a high THC concentration of approximately 27% and reports of an even higher THC level by the seasoned growers. Ice wreck is not for the inexperience or amateur user. It packs a real punch, make sure you are couch ready and nothing to do, because after a good hit of the Ice Wreck, you will be wrecked. Medical benefits includes, relief for those with high level of stress due to work etc. Ice Wrecks high THC potency is commonly used to treat back pain, chronic pain, nausea and also insomnia or lack of sleep. Properly cured, Ice Wreck releases a fresh scent and yet it also has a rich earthy harsh aromatic tone. The buds can be big, with medium tightness and darker green colour. It also has some golden to orange hairs curling around its bouquet. 25-27% THC

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