Black Diamond (PLATINUM QUADS)

Hailing from Northern California, Black Diamond is the result of a match made in heaven between Blackberry and Diamond OG. Expect an excellent body high combined with a happy, social energy that is more uplifting than your typical indica. Users that are more prone to feelings of panic or paranoia should consider this a good option with less potential for these side effects. Psychoactive potency aside, these dense buds have massive bag appeal, with medium-to-large multicolored flowers and a berry aroma with dank undertones. Icy white trichomes give these buds a sticky texture that can be difficult to break up by hand. Sativa fans should definitely give Black Diamond a try; preferably with friends who can appreciate a good giggle. Stock up on snacks in advance – an extreme case of the munchies is in your near future. Lineage: Blackberry x Diamond OGHybrid Ratio: 40 Indica / 60 SativaTHC: 18-24%CBD: 1-3.5%

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