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What One Drop Advantage® is: One Drop Advantage® is a highly effective transdermal cannabinoid formulation for the treatment of inflammation-based pain. It is made using a highly innovative method to reformat cannabinoid distillates into stable nanoparticles, without the use of harsh chemicals or potentially toxic solvents. These nanoparticles are highly compatible with body chemistry thereby, enhancing the bioavailability / potency of cannabinoids. Additionally, these nanoparticles are activated by body temperature and once activated, rapidly enter the skin. Combined, this means rapid and sustained relief is had with very low doses of cannabinoids, avoiding psychoactive effects. Users have been pleasantly surprised by the degree of relief One Drop Advantage® brings, how rapidly it works, and the longevity of its effects. Typical users experience results within 5 minutes of application, with some experiencing initial effects in a matter of seconds. Pain relief has been observed to lasts from 6 hours to over 1 week from a single dose. What One Drop Advantage® does: One Drop Advantage® has been observed to most consistently reduce inflammation-based pain (arthritis and migraine) so pain relief from One Drop Advantage® stems from the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabinoids, as reported by F.J. Evans from Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, University of London, U.K. This property of cannabinoids combined with Dr. Oda’s innovative transdermal nanoparticles, rapidly delivers anti-inflammatory treatment to sites of pain. For those suffering from inflammation-based conditions, this translates into rapid and sustained relief. What One Drop Advantage® isn’t:Because the nanoparticle formulation of cannabinoids in One Drop Advantage® enhances the potency of cannabinoids, the effective dose is much lower than traditional transdermal cannabinoid formulas. Furthermore, the reformatting of cannabinoids into nanoparticles makes the cannabinoids more compatible with water. As a result, One Drop Advantage® has no strong cannabis odor or resin-like / oily feeling, something typically associated with most topical cannabinoid formulations. In seconds after applying One Drop Advantage®, it is absorbed into the skin, leaving no residual smell or tacky residue. Because it is composed of simple ingredients using advanced nanotechnology processes rather than complex chemical modifications using less sophisticated processes, One Drop Advantage® does not contain harsh chemicals or solvents. Its pH and salinity is identical to the body’s so very safe for repeated use.
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