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At Rove, we love to celebrate the seasons. Our latest addition to the Featured Farms line serves up everyone’s favorite season year round - Girl Scout Cookie season! THC Design has taken it to the next level with their unique Platinum Scout. An indulgent blend of sweet berry notes, candy, and spice, this strain elevates the well-known GSC genetics with a heavy salute to its Platinum OG roots.

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4.9 stars

All Sorts A Somethin

Initially a huge Kush, cookie and purps fan. This is covering 2 of the staples of mine. Looking into THC design. I saw that its Durban poison X og kush to their claim on their site-Platinum Scout. VS PGS same 2 strains X "MYSTERY BUD" to be the true PGS. First few rips(low voltage settings in general) finish very creamy much like true GSC. As i got half way into the 1/2g Is when the kush taste really started taking over. I categorize the flavor of kush as "METAL" or the taste of your mouth when you burn your tongue with soup/tea etc. Its pretty spot on IMO. So needless to say this is roves FF "SILVER" if GOO is "GOLD" they both finish very kushy on the tongue esp on higher voltages. Lingering kush flavor, plat being more subdued by the cookies aspect being the durban poison smoothing off the sharp kush terps. Both this and goo are in my top 3 FF hard for me to choose #1, but its GOO, plat, and SSD. Tangie is almost like a cross of GOO plat and SSD. Its nuts. But the buzz(tangie) is very "chill" Compared to plat and GOO

high quality

these bomb no leak and hit nice


This is in my opinion the best flavor and high experience of all the featured farms the Girl Scout shines through perfectly I felt like I just wanted to keep ripping it the taste was unmatched I couldn’t recommend this one more You will not be disappointed


good gsc stanky for cart

Thc:84.4%.Cbd:0%.Batch Date/#: 5/15/19, 19051706FF

There are times when I look back at a product and see how far they've come. Rove was part of the industry babies and where everywhere, but my interest was short lived. The proprietary cartridge didn't work or had numerous issues with it all, including the extremely thick oil. The new revised carts although still proprietary, are leaps and bounds from previous iterations. It's a smooth draw now which makes vaping this extremely strong oil a pleasure and can include the taste to that too. It's a complete turnaround to this now likable product. No quality issues present and even though it was strong oil, those capable will appreciate its heaviness and those seeking something new will be delighted. Rove is now highly recommended as long as the hardware is new. Give them a shot again. It's a automatic bullseye. This is a keeper.

with THC Design!!!!!!!

Sweet mother cookies of heaven!!!


YES!! Totally delivers everything I was hoping for, True to flower taste, effects that settle in nicely as you smoke and good potency. I love the natural dank skunky taste on the exhale with a nice bite at the end with a hint of spice totally enjoying every puff. Terpenes done right, beautiful pure golden oil done by some true master craftsmanship their skills and care really shine through in this product.


It doesn't taste to great but that lasts less than a second so who cares. Don't like Hybrids but this stuff is heavy.


93/88% 😤

Best rove cart yet

Daily rove user so def was looking forward to this strain. Already trying the FF Mountain goo and super sour diesel this cart didn’t disappoint. One or two hits and your in a very good place. The taste is on point. Wish it came in full gram but it’s so good it’s worth the half carts.
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