Babylon's Garden Flower - Sundae Driver (1/8th)


Since 2011, Babylon's Garden has been known to have some of the most exotic strains of cannabis in the world.  Now we package those strains in our nitrogen sealed aluminum cans!  #LookForTheLION

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5 stars

Awesome buds, great flavor, HIGH potency

Been seeing these cans pop up on menus lately, and with the competitive price point, decided to grab a can of the Sundae Driver. It’s a nitrogen sealed can which I like, makes it near impossible to be tampered with and not be obvious. Lab results on the can had this strain testing at 31.6% THC. Immediately upon opening the can you’re hit in the face with very sweet and skunky smell. Imagine a great GSC strain crossed with purple punch, and that’s the smell I got. Looks, dense buds with purple all over. Some buds were more bright green than purple. COMPLETELY COVERED IN CRYSTALS. Flavor was great, really got a strong flavor of the grape pie. The high was true indica. Minor couch lock with great euphoria and relaxation. Suuuuuper. Will be buying some other tins and testing them out. Gonna keep my eyes peeled for the Gelato!

Super impressed!!

Im a fan of the can! my first experience with this brand and wholey crap, this is what i was looking for!! those big jars that are labeled top and platinum are not as good as this. TRUST ME!! Buy a can. you won't be disappointed
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