Royal Green is a mystery. So is the exact balance of sativa and indica in this moderately potent medical choice. It's also unclear whether this strain got its name from the Dutch seed bank or because it has some relation to Space Queen; either is possible. In any event, Royal Green is a good choice for alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, and sleeplessness. The high is mostly physical, which suggest indica dominance, but also brings limited cerebral effects. The experience is deeply relaxed and sleepy. THC levels are reputed to be very high in this strain, greater than 23% in at least one test. CBD numbers, on the other hand, are hard to peg, but that alone suggests Royal Green may not be an ideal choice for patients suffering from epilepsy or other conditions that respond to that chemical. There isn't much information available about the flavor or aroma of this strain or, for that matter, its appearance. But it's known to be relatively light on side effects, especially paranoia. Don't look too hard for Royal Green; you probably won't find it, as it's a rarity pretty much everywhere.

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