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Grizzly Pine

Bozeman, MT - Delivery Only

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Bozeman Delivery - Grizzly Pine

About Us

Grizzly Pine is a Bozeman Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


Grizzly Pine is a family owned and operated medical marijuana provider delivering premium meds to Bozeman cannabis patients who cannot gain access to a dispensary. They are dedicated to providing organic marijuana products grown locally in Montana using indoor growing solutions to create the most sustainable indoor lighting and power systems to reduce carbon footprints. Grizzly Pine is committed to educating the Bozeman community on the medicinal benefits of cannabis by donating a portion of sales to the research and development of marijuana-based products. They plan to extend their delivery services to recreational cannabis users and open brick and mortar locations throughout Montana. Medical cannabis patients with questions can contact the knowledgeable delivery team behind Grizzly Pine by phone or email.



Grizzly Pine cultivates their entire delivery menu of medical-grade marijuana products and takes pride in their professional packaging. Created to alleviate symptoms of discomfort including pain, depression, and inflammation, Grizzly Pine’s team of experienced cannabis growers developed effective strains including Purple Hindu, Do-Si-Dos, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. Their collection of concentrates includes a variety of pristine extracts made from top-shelf flower. Marijuana delivery patients running around Bozeman can discreetly medicate on-the-go with Grizzly Pine vape cartridges made with five grams of cannabis flower condensed into a gram of oil. In addition to their exclusive menu, Grizzly Pine also carries cannabis-infused edibles and vape batteries.



To register as a medical marijuana patients, Bozeman residents must be 18+ and need to provide physician documentation recommending medicinal cannabis as a treatment. Grizzly Pine requires Bozeman marijuana patients to bring medical records or a physician description of their ailment requiring cannabis treatment. Patients can visit Grizzly Pine’s website to schedule an appointment. They can also assist marijuana patients switch providers after they send back the change request forms. First-time Bozeman cannabis patients will receive a $50 delivery credit.


Service Locations

Grizzly Pine is a marijuana delivery service based out of Bozeman. deliver high-quality marijuana products to medical cannabis patients in Bozeman, Four Corners, Belgrade, and West Gallatin. Grizzly Pine also extends their delivery services to the northern medical marijuana communities surrounding Holland, Manhattan, Logan, and Three Forks.


Location Information


Bozeman is located in the southwestern part of Montana in Gallatin County and is the fourth largest city in the state. Visitors traveling through Bozeman will easily find recreational and cultural attractions like the Bridger Bowl Ski Resort located in the Bridger Mountains. Spend a weekend and lodge at Bridger Bowl for the ultimate skiing adventures, with four large bowls; the ski area offers a wide-open terrain with a variety of landscapes including glades, chutes, and gullies. The Museum of the Rockies is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and is one of 1,081 museums to hold this distinction. As a member of The Association of Science-Technology Center Travel Passport Program, the Museum of the Rockies offers inactive exhibits like Crocs, Ancient Predators in the Modern World and Siebel Dinosaur Complex holding one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world.


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May 16th, 2017

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Grizzly Pine

Great business!!

Great buds...consistant and quality everytime! Love the packaging. Service is great. Very helpful. Always willing to be there!!
Would recommend to anyone!!

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