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Canada Wide Mail Order, BC - Delivery Only

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Canada Wide Mail Order Delivery -


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About Us

We are your reliable means of getting your medical cannabis needs right to your door via Mail Service with Canada Post. We offer fast online mail order. We have BC Bud's finest flowers and a wide range of concentrates, edibles and oil pen vaporizers. Call us for more information!

----------------------------------------------------------- WE HAVE THE BEST BC BUD'S AVAILABLE including great tasting sativas and super potent indica's and hybrids fo in between. We have a large selection of edibles and are always constantly updating our product line up as well as concentrate flavors. Over 50 strains of shatters and lots of vape pens to choose from. We are operating out of Vancouver, BC and specialize in delivery service as well as online mail order. You can call us toll free at 1-833-420-0010. We are excited to hear from you and can promise you we will exceed your expectations with our product line up! New strains are added almost daily! Marijuana, cannabis, medical marijuana, dispensary, marijuana legalization, dispensary near me, dispensaries near me, marijuana dispensary, dispensaries, medical marijuana card, mail order marijuana, mail order weed, MMPR, online mail order , delivery service, buy weed vancouver, lower mainland surrey delta

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September 29th, 2017

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