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The best traits of Skunk and Blueberry come together in Skunk Berry, a sativa-indica hybrid that encourages feelings of wellness to both mind and body.  Its initial euphoric, mentally stimulating buzz melts into a layer of full-body relaxation. Many people choose Skunk Berry for its abilityto offset physical  pain without too much sedation. 

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5 stars

Probably my favorite of the Bloom flower

Bloom Farms flower is generally excellent across the board, but the Skunkberry edges over the line between great and really special. Worth driving to get some jars of this one.

Excellent Bud

The skunk berry is exceptional. We had 2 different fruit varieties that were too fruity after the first few bowls. This is premium quality and easy to smoke. The high is good.
bluesparrow1979 endless desire to smoke!

Smoke it and you’re good! But the best part is if you want to, you can smoke it again and get MORE high and not get paranoid or freaked out or sick, even of you have the condition I have. And chances are you’ll smoke it all in two days because it’s so amazing. But worth it. This is possibly my favorite strain currently. Bloom Farms has set the bar “high” with its other flowers also. Keep up the good work. 👍
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