Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies 120MG CBD/40MG THC


Kiva's Sparkling Pear Camino gummies pair an unconventional ratio of CBD to THC for a euphoric high without any anxiety. Transform your day into a weekend in wine country. 20 servings per package. Each serving contains 2mg THC and 6mg CBD. Gluten-free and Dairy-free.

The name Camino was inspired by the historic El Camino Real, the 600 mile California road that connects some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in the state. Each flavor of Camino was designed to transport you to a specific location and put you in a “California State of Mind.”

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5 stars

Nice & Mellow

use for relaxation at work without the anxiety. super mellow.

Deliciously Effective

I’m a huge fan of Kiva’s Camino Gummies. I’ve tried the Wild Berry, Apricot, and now the Sparkling Pear. What’s so wonderful, they all have different effects. Subtle, but different. The Pear, like the others, tastes so yummy! Full of fruit flavor and no bitter aftertaste. Yes! I like these best for daytime/work. My job can be very stressful, dealing with people and various opinions and attitudes. These babies just take the edge off. I can microdose these (my fav way is one every 2-3 hours), and my workday is CAKE. I’m alert, yet relaxed, and can handle any crisis that comes my way. My reaction times are not slowed at all, yet my anxiety and nerves don’t stop me from doing the best at my job. I love these Gummies and I’m a huge new fan of microdosing.

best flavor

I love these. They have the best flavor. No weird after taste or burn.

2 and your good

pain goes away and sleep, that's all I need!


Killed a migraine right before it started. Great taste and fast long term effect

Helps my social anxiety tremendously

I find that these are subtle enough that I can take one or two before going out and it just helps me feel easy and free where I would normally feel awkward and anxious. The flavor is pretty good too!

10/10 perfect for relaxing to sleep

I take one gummy drop before bed and 1.5 hours later I have a wonderful feeling of calm and relaxation over me as I drift off to sleep. Also suitable for a day when you're around family and want to drown out their negativity. Will be purchasing again.

Effective, quality gummies

I will say they are effective

Tasty and Effective

These taste and smell great and the dosing is on point. It allows me to measure exactly what I need depending on how many gummys I consume. Wish more came in the pack.
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