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Greener Pastures

Bozeman, MT - Delivery Only

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Bozeman Delivery - Greener Pastures


All deliveries add a $5 delivery fee to any order

About Us

Greener Pastures is a Bozeman Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Greener Pastures specializes in the creation and delivery high-grade medical marijuana products to qualifying medical marijuana patients in the Bozeman area. With a dedication to personalized customer service and product excellence, Greener Pastures is proud to transport their cannabis medicine to homebound patients in need. History: Greener Pastures has proudly served the Bozeman area dating back to 2013, where they temporarily closed due to Montana’s changing cannabis regulations. Reopening in the last few months, the founding team is happy to rekindle their passion for cannabis medicine and share it with the Bozeman community. They firmly believe in marijuana’s healing capacity as well as their business’ potential to help so many people. Realizing that many patients who needed their medicine could not travel to their Four Corners dispensary, Greener Pastures established a delivery service so no suffering patient would be denied access to medical marijuana. Products: All of Greener Pastures’ products are cultivated and manufactured in their in-house facility, allowing them control over quality and the variety of cannabis products available. Their Bozeman delivery service offers an average of twenty flower strains, with their Montana Silvertip and Blue Dream among patients’ favorites. They also offer in-house created edibles, salves, topicals and a range of glassware and accessories. While Montana currently has no independent cannabis-testing labs, Greener Pastures’ delivery will submit their cannabis goods to inspection for contaminants, potency and residual materials and pesticides. Process: Greener Pastures’ Bozeman delivery forms personal relationships with their patients, happy to advise in product selection and direct customers towards the ideal strain for their particular qualifying condition. Their delivery staff are dedicated to their role as educators, and each patient is encouraged to ask questions without fear of taking up too much time. Combining well-made marijuana medicine and dedicated, knowledgeable team members, Greener Pastures strives to leave every patient with a smile on their faces. For their delivery service, Greener Pastures only accepts cash and check transactions, and is available to travel anywhere in the Bozeman region. They ask for a minimum purchase of $30 with a $5 delivery fee attached to each order, and the average wait time is around 45 minutes. Service Locations: Driving from their dispensary in Four Corners, Greener Pastures’ delivery extends throughout the Bozeman area. Patients in the Bozeman, Catron, Bisel, Montana State University, Patterson, Matthews, Balmont, Springhill Park, Lux, Story, Kerns, Gilroy, Four Corners and Blackwood neighborhoods can easily access medical marijuana through Greener Pastures’ delivery service. Location Information: Bozeman serves as the county seat of Gallatin County in the southwestern region of Montana. The city is home to Montana State University, which houses the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse and Bobcat Stadium. The Museum of the Rockies showcases natural history exhibits and dinosaur fossils for visitors to explore, while the American Computer Museum traces the history of humanity’s computing technology. The Gallatin County Fairgrounds host county events throughout the year, while the Community Food Co-op offers a variety of market foods and produce deals. From Gallatin County Regional Park to Sunset Hills, Greener Pastures proudly delivers to their Bozeman patients.

10:00am -  6:30am
10:00am -  6:30am
10:00am -  6:30am
10:00am -  6:30am
10:00am -  6:30am
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December 15th, 2016

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