Space Cake, bred by SPACE JARS, takes the genetics of Girl Scout Cookies and Wedding Cake, combining them into an out-of-this-world strain that sends your thoughts to the moon. This strain will elevate your mood and ensure your stress evaporates into the atmosphere, all while sugar-coating it like icing on a cake. You’ll be able to enjoy more contemplative thoughts while indulging in the relaxation that spreads throughout the body. It has a high percentage of myrcene, the terpene that tends to sedate, so consuming this bud in the evenings or at night is recommended as it tends to sedate as it wears off. THC levels range around the low 30’s with higher CBD levels, meaning it can help sooth aches and pains throughout the body in both muscles and joints. The high is nice indica effect, so expect a relaxing, contemplative experience that will enhance conversation, video games, movies, or even outings so long as you don’t overdo it by smoking too much and becoming too drowsy. When you open up your package of Space Cake, expect to be greeted by a spicy yet sweet aroma with the faint undertone of cookies which is evidence of its genetic heritage. This strain can sometimes cause dry eyes or dry mouth so stay hydrated and have some eye drops available, especially if you plan to go out.

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