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GRO - Rio Vista

Rio Vista, CA - Delivery Only

access_timeOpen Now  9:30am - 7:00pm

Rio Vista Delivery - GRO - Rio Vista

First-Time Patients

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At this time, GRO provides In Home MEDICAL delivery only.

$100 min order for FREE delivery to Rio Vista. Cash only.

Taxes to be added.

To guarantee same day delivery (on certain items), please place your order by 5:00pm.

About Us

To Join GRO


Please take a clear, color picture of both your CA DL and (Paper or PDF) Recommendation and email it to along with your phone number.

Due to our high call volume, please do NOT text, as we most likely will not see it in a timely fashion.


About Us.


We are a NorCal 21+ Medical delivery service, with discrete in home delivery to patients in select Northern California cities. GRO is a division of Versagenix, a CA licensed microbusiness. Medical License number #M12-17-0000018-TEMP


GRO is currently a Medical Service only. At this time, we are not providing Adult Use/Recreational cannabis.


Our service carries lab tested THC and CBD products, including flower, edibles, a variety of concentrates and extracts, tinctures, & topicals.


Telephone Hours: 9:30am-7pm Mon-Fri. We are closed on weekends.


To guarantee same day delivery, please place your order by 5:00pm. Orders placed after 5:00pm, depending on items, may be delivered for Next Business Day.


Delivery Fees:

FREE Delivery on orders of $40.00 or more to Fairfield, Vacaville, and Suisun.

FREE Delivery on order of $60 or more to Martinez, Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek.

FREE Delivery on orders of $60.00 or more to American Canyon, Benicia, and Dixon.

FREE Delivery on orders of $100.00 or more to Napa and Rio Vista

We follow all local and state laws.

Our History

Created in 2012, GRO, is a 21+ Medical Marijuana in home delivery service. Originally formed by a small group of growers, we were previously a group of friends who grew for each other and we were members of a small private collective.

We believe in providing quality medication at a reasonable price. Our In House growers are our original founding members. Using their combined 30+ year knowledge and experience, our growers produce all natural, organic medication from their small boutique operations. Our craftsmen and women take the time to attend to each plant, allow the plants to mature naturally, and take extra care in preparing medication. No chemicals, pesticides, or artificial colors or flavors are added. We also believe in lab testing all our medications, to ensure the highest quality possible. We are careful about how we grow our medicine and what we offer to you, because we use it ourselves.

Our corporate secretary and our CEO both operated USDA and FDA inspected food plants so they are fastidious about the cleanliness of our grows. This is important, since some of our members and friends have compromised immune systems.

At GRO, we offer a wide variety of cannabis for everyone’s medical needs and budget. We really listen to our members and we help them tailor solutions that optimize their health and happiness.

This page is Intended for California residents, 21 years of age or older, with a valid California ID and a valid doctor's recommendation for Medical Marijuana.

9:30am -  7:00pm
9:30am -  7:00pm
9:30am -  7:00pm
9:30am -  7:00pm
9:30am -  7:00pm
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May 26th, 2016

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First-Time Patients

Sign up at and receive 1,000 Rewards Points (worth $10) toward your 1st order. Minimun order required.

All specials found here:

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