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Canada Wide Mail Order, ON - Delivery Only

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Canada Wide Mail Order Delivery - Green Relief

About Us

Green Relief is a Guelph Medical Marijuana Licensed Producer


Green Relief’s mission is to help its patients improve their overall quality of life through alternative, natural cannabis treatment. Proud to operate as an Ontario-based licensed producer under Health Canada’s ACMPR, Green Relief delivers finely crafted, fresh, and safe cannabis therapies to patients across Canada.



The Green Relief team envisions a future with a wealth of cannabis research and sustainable agriculture working together to offer patients a world of well-understood and effective medical marijuana remedies. The founding team embraces “Green” in every sense of the word, from the fresh and clean quality of its cannabis to the method with which Green Relief grows its products. Green Relief uses low-impact solutions at its growing facility and is proud to be one of the only medical marijuana providers in the world to grow using aquaponic solutions. This radical innovation produces ten times the crop yield and 90% less water than conventional farming methods. The cultivation of cleaner products and medicine free of contaminants for its patients allows Green Relief to redirect funding into professional cannabis research studies. Green Relief wants to provide physicians and scientists with the evidence they need to understand the healing benefits of medicinal marijuana.



Green Relief’s clean cannabis remedies are crafted with safety, consistency, and quality in mind. The strict growing and testing protocols ensure Green Relief’s cannabis is free of pesticides, bacteria, mold, chemicals, and other harmful materials. The growing team maintains genetics and phenotypes of only the highest quality to produce a consistent medicine with every crop. Green Relief also harvests every two weeks to pass along nothing but the freshest cannabis products onto its patients. Residents in Guelph, Ontario and beyond can browse through Green Relief’s many mail-order strains, such as Tsunami, Coral Reef, Floating Island, and other proprietary genetics.



To register with Green Relief, Ontario patients simply fill out its online registration form and submit all necessary Health Canada paperwork. Once verified, a member of Green Relief’s Client Care team will help to set up the patient's account and get them started. Patients can mail-order their cannabis delivery from any Canada address and enjoy free shipping on orders over $149. Those who qualify for Green Relief’s compassionate pricing program are eligible for a 20% discount, and the licensed producer also allows veterans to bill their cannabis through Veteran Affairs Canada.


Service Locations:

Green Relief delivers its medicinal cannabis from the Guelph cultivation center to patients throughout Ontario and beyond. Kitchener, Cambridge, Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton residents can take advantage of Green Relief’s cannabis therapies. The Green Relief team serves patients throughout London, St. Catharines, Belleville, and Ottawa with top-quality medical marijuana. Elliot Lake, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, and North Bay residents order Green Relief’s online cannabis. Throughout Ontario and nationwide, Green Relief prides itself on improving its patients’ overall quality of life.

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October 18th, 2017

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