Neon Sour Rings 1000mg


Smashed Gummies now offers our highest dose gummies. Each package contains 20 sour rings with 50 mg THC each to satisfy any sweet tooth. Smashed Gummies are handmade in Los Angeles and provide a great alternative for those who want to medicate without smoking. 

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1 stars

Kinda weak

With a name like smashed I was expecting better effects.

50mg per gummy barely feels like 10mg.

At 50mg per gummy I was expecting to roll rather hard. Results were barely making it to the take off gate. I experimented 2 days in a row. 1st Day half a ring for 3 hrs....not much then the other half..still not much.2nd Day one 50 mg ring on an empty stomach...Pffft. 50 mgs barely feels like 10mg from a good product.*I am a lightweight on top of it.
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