Green Kush (NEW ARRIVAL)

This well-balanced hybrid comes from two long-time favorites: Green Crack and Purple Kush. With parentage like that, you are surely in for an experience, and Green Kush doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy this heavy hitting high before bed or after dinner to maximize the desired effect. With THC levels often in the low to mid 20’s, you’ll be sure to get a high that’s worthy of your time. These medium-sized, deep green nugs give off a refreshing pine aroma with undertones of citrus and earth for a full-bodied aroma. On the inhale you’ll experience more of the citrus flavor and the coolness of the pine, while on your exhale the flavors round out with a bit of spice, perfect for a chilly night in. The cerebral high that comes with Green Kush is fast acting and will rush over your whole body after the first hit. As you let that sink in a heavy tingle will take effect, leaving you with complete relaxation. Full body sedation will last around two hours, being replaced by one of two opposites: sleep or energy. Some users have experienced complete comatose-like sleep while others express a desire to get up and move. For medicinal users, this product is perfect for mild pain, muscle spasms, and headaches due to its sedative properties. It aids in releasing tension and is highly recommended by other users for this specific purpose. If you’re suffering from depression or stress this strain can be beneficial to many because of its uptick in energy toward the middle of the high. Novice users should be aware that this is a heavy high, and to proceed with caution.

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