PAX Era Pod - Jetty Extracts Maui Wowie


500 mg Maui Wowie Era Pod for PAX Era. A classic, sativa-dominant strain much-loved for its upbeat but mellow high. After extraction, distillation and refinement we reintroduce the strain's own cannabis terpenes for that true Maui Wowie tropical taste.

Pineapple sweet and smooth. Small batch tested to contain about 80% THC.

Jetty Extracts Era Pods are compatible ONLY with PAX Era devices, available separately. 

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5 stars

The best

Im always searching for Jetty specifically. Never had a bad tasting one yet and im like 50 carts deep! Not a huge fan of that Chai tho...

One the best pods around

Jetty is top of the game when it comes to Pax pods. Maui Wowie delivers on the hype. Great flavor and a solid high. A few deep hits and you’re off. Double up and pair this with Jetty’s granddaddy purps and you are set.


Great taste, amazing high!!

straight gas 🔥⛽️

bruh i’m dumb faded off this maui wowie as i write this. this taste is so perfect, jetty extracts does such a great job with the weed taste as well as the terps. they go hand in hand like i’m smoking flower. high is amazing. i’m blown away off a few hits. will definitely be back to try again and others, keep it up jetty!
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