Beary White 0.5g Cartridge


Beary White 0.5g Cartridge3 Bears OG x Walter WhiteIndica Dominant HybridRaw Garden’s high potency refined live resin vape cartridge is made from single source live resin with cannabis terpenes.

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5 stars

First one I’ve tried by Raw Garden

And I am not disappointed! Dude, the taste and high is no joke. You can still get stuff done with hitting this delicious concoction a couple times. Love it! I think I have found my stiiizy replacement. 5/5!
☤♪The Gladiators ⚖☮

So tasty

This cart tastes like creamy berries with hints of OG and it couldn’t be any better. The taste, the effects, everything about this cart is very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend grabbing this one if you see as it does have some rare genetics in it from the 3 Bears OG and Walter White is pretty rare 5/5 !

My 2nd favorite of 4 i've tried

First is the Mendo Berries This is just slightly less heavy - more creative. Still very potent. Pain relief - hunger stimulation - focused Tastes like a mango snack/mango chili pop without the chili tastes more like mango than their mango shortcake does which tastes slightly less mango ish and more vanilla/shortcaky

How can others even compete!?

Raw Gardens is fucking killing it. The cartridge alone is great quality. But, the product. Oh man, the product is pure, terpy goodness. Each hit taste just like ripping a nice fresh dab every single hit and it is super potent. I tip my hat to the folks at Raw Garden. In an industry that is flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors they have found away to rise above the rest. My go to brand from here on out!


Ok, so I'm gonna have to update this after a few days but initially, I Love It. I don't like jumping the gun on reviews but after having such a horrible experience with a product this weekend and then to find this, is well simply amazing 👏🙏. Thank you Raw Garden for taking pride in your craft and bringing a new standard to this industry, true medicine right here. Now for the product, not what I was expecting at all! But the terp flavor I'm getting off of these carts is like you literally rolled a joint of freshly plucked bud. I don't know how else to explain it, it tastes like fresh frozen, I love it! I've never tasted anything like this before, the closest was WCC Grape gas but this cart is on another level, very robust flavors, earthy/gas with a mild sweetness 🤗 love it. Super Potency here, I've grown quite a tolerance from moonrock carts and considering this particular strain/cart is 83% thc I believe that's saying something. Can't wait to try the Cloud Chasher.


This is my 1st time trying raw garden & omg this hits. It makes you feel so relaxed like if you’re laying on top of clouds. Everyone seriously needs to try this.

New Favorite

Excellent. I’m a long time smoker and LOVE this cartridge. Just went and picked up Cindy Punch, I’ll review that next. The oil tastes great, doesn’t leave your throat dry and doesn’t have a negative aftertaste. I’m very impressed and will try all of them probably 😁 Just two hits is enough for a proper dosage, it’s very strong. Terpenes on point. I’d give it over 5 stars if I could. Keep it up Raw Garden 🔥🔥🔥

Dope !!!

Enjoy The Chill And Relaxing Feeling, But U Can Still Do Things ... Not That Stuck Feeling .... 1 Good Hit (pause) and it’ll do .... for me anyway ... definitely recommend it ...


5 stars as always!
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