Mendocino Purple Kush Sauce


Mendocino Purple Kush SauceMendocino PurpsIndicaSauce is crafted using Raw Garden's single-source Clean Green Certified fresh-frozen, whole-plant flowers. Through advanced crystallization techniques, our sauce is refined into a flavorful concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

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4.8 stars

Total definition of fire.

Raw Garden if you are reading this, I’m begging you, keep growing Mendocino Purps. Us in the medical community are fed up with the trendy cookie strains! It’s old now give us Mendo PURPS! I bought this gram and then immediately bought 3 more gram the next day becuse heavy indicas are hard to come by these days. All the dispensary’s I frequent ran out of this Mendocino Purps sooooo fast! Okay now to the review. This stuff makes you lazy as hell everything feels like slow motion. It smokes like a 90/10 Indica/Sativa and or pure Indica. If you’re a night smoker like me or have severe insomnia(like me) do yourself a favor and buy not 1 but 3 grams of this, it’s that good. it’s not exploding with flavor like some but it will give you a mouthful of kushy grapes. The consistency is 10/10 and I have a .3-.4 diamond in mine as well. This is a must try for any Indica lover!

This sht right here!

Great flavor. Purps is starting to become my fav concentrates, especially when it has those kushy tones in it like this one did. .

Mendo purp kush live sauce

Ohhhh man. This is some of the best live resin ive had. Dr. Greenthumb has the best stuff in Cali


This one is great. Has me feeling very relaxed which is good because I suffer from bad anxiety. Definitely a more heavy high. But taste like heaven! You need to try this one!

Great high great taste beautiful sample

My gram jar has a huge diamond in it, it looks to be at least .4. Anyways very good stuff taste sweet has that purps taste but with hint of mendo kush so bomb. Rate 9/10 I wouldn’t get it again necessarily nevertheless it’s still good a nice relaxing high.


I love this sauce! And so affordable too. Got it for 30$/gram through a deal on Grassdoor. I also like that they have all of their lab tests online, including terpene testing which is pretty new. I just wish it was easier to find for less than 40 a gram
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