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4 stars

Great alternative

Yes, sometimes the wait is a bit long but 100% worth the wait. Their customer service is top notch and the strains they carry are absolutely killer! Ps. If you see Holy Grail on their menu, get it! Only wish they delivered further into Gatineau where we live, other than that we will continue to use them.

They got loud!

They have some great quality bud. The customer service was great madison worked hard to track down the last of their blue fin tuna i wanted and even topped up what they didnt have with a king bubba strain that was stank like fuel and another great strain . Zero complaints i will definetly be a repeat customer

I liked it when they were a store

Haven't tried the delivery, they were a great store

Alert: Moldy Weed :(

Pretty horrendous text response time. The given ETA could be 10 minutes but realistically they'll show up within the next few hours. Was promised a free gram of moonrocks for my wait but was given moldy weed instead. Look no further if you want to smoke fungi infested weed that will make you chain sneeze for the next day.

Quality: Good. Service: Not so good.

The quality and prices are great, no delivery fees is a plus. The issues come with the service. Advertised as 30-90 minutes, order took 4+ hours. Ordered at 6:50 pm, seemed solid and then was ghosted for 3 hours and didnt receive it until after 11pm. I recieved a message with an apology and was told 20 minutes and that turned into an hour of waiting in my lobby just to get a text saying it would be another 10 minutes after another message. If your looking for cheap but decent quality it's great, if your looking for responsive replies and a quick delivery stay away. Was quite ridiculous.


Professional service Highly recommended Highly high grade buds Excellent service Awesome staff Deliviery and text notification when you product is close by you can not go wrong going with these guys IT TAKES TIME FOR THEM TO DELIVERY SADLY ( WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND CANT TIME TRAVEL FROM ONE END OF THE CITY TO THE OTHER SO IF YOU WANT GOOD BUD AND YOUR WILLING TO WAIT TEXT THESE GUYS RESPECTFULLY AND THEY WILL TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT I have used these guys a for a little, I waited till today to give my review. I was going to put 4 stars cause i did have little of rocky start with these guys ( BUT ) THEY PROVED THEY THEY CAN HOLD THE TITLE FOR FIVE STAR TO ME.

Amazing bud, amazing service

customer support is on point, delivery is great, and service is amazing. 5 stars is an understatement.

$#!+ service

This is the 5th time I use their service and don't plan on using it again. To start the text system they use is highly unreliable, maybe its just the staff, as they aren't timely or consistant with returning messages. When they do the menu they send has little to do with what they actually have available and never coincides with their website, that can include pricing. Once you do get a stable line with the office things go pretty smoothly, the staff is knowledegable about their products and quite friendly; though I don't think that should excuse the touch and go service. But now you've finally made an order and the rest should be simple right? Guess again. The next thing to usually happen is a text asking if the driver can come later because they don't want to drive it right now, so you say sure I understand traffic is a bit rough in this city and if you have a long drive multiple orders does make sense. After this good luck getting a hold of the dispatch staff again, boy do they disapear fast when it comes to dealing with problems. So now you've been waiting like 6 hours for a delivery that was supposed to only take an hour or two. Finally if you piss, moan and harass enough they jump to and boy howdy it still takes another hour for a lazy c*** to show up and not even get out of the vehicle more often than not; they actually text the office to text you that they are waiting, really waiting?!?!?!?, for you to come out and meet them. A couple bullspit apologies later they leave. What a complete hasle. They do have decent and some excellent products at reasonable and even cheap ones when you consider that it's delivered; again doesn't excuse the terrible rude service when their business is service. This has been my experience 3 out of 5 times and the other 2 weren't a heck of a lot better. I'm actually going to give them 2 out of 5 stars only because of the products and cost otherwise it would definitely be 1 or even none.

bad service

never even showed up, ignored texts and calls until about my 7th phone call. first purchases were good but then they had dummies working the phones.


Very best

got loud got loud

The customer service is great and they really do got loud. But i enjoyed speaking with the one girl who comes in after 11 ❤️


Friendly and fast service with quality products at a good price. Excellent. Five Stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great East End Service & Quality!

Remember the days of walking into Dr. Greenthumb on Montreal Rd.? Damn, I miss that! This ocs system sucks ass! GotLoud613 in the east is the Best Service & Quality going right now! I have never been disappointed by these guys. They have a New Menu every week and their prices are spot on, what they should be. Ordering is a breeze and communication for delivery is great. One time I bought from ocs... It didn't even get me high. Then I start learning about thc and cbd percentages... F_ck that $hit! I just want to get high and I don't want to pay premium for it. GotLoud613 is where it's at.

To the moon!!!

Ordered some moon rocks!!! Wow!!!! They are so good, that I don’t know if I can go back to regular weed!!! Great service, and super friendly!!! Thank!!

great service

Quick reply, good quality and excellent customer service.

Great service

These guys rock! They are fast efficient and reply promptly always. If you’re not using their service you are missing out!!

poor customer service.

I would review the products too but the customer service was so bad I couldn't place an order. their menu on weedmaps is not what they have. When asking if they had one I saw I liked in stock I never heard back. Very very poor customer service when you can't even ask what's in stock. Extremely disappointed.

Great Service 👍

Have used them three times so far. Good bud at a good price! Super easy to deal with, prompt and courteous delivery. Will be a regular customer. Recommended!

Go to kind valley for robots

Kind valley sells the same robots for $10 !!! BEWARE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Great Service

Great product, well packaged, and friendly service. Will order again. Thank you