Strawberry Banana - Elite - Hybrid


Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric

Select Elite elevates your cannabis enjoyment to a higher level with luxuriant terpene-infused distillate in our award-winning cartridges. This top-shelf product packs a powerful punch of flavor and potency with our highest concentration of activated THC available. Available in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa options.

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3.7 stars


I’m normally a huge fan of Select carts, but their strawberry banana hybrid is definitely my least favorite I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried it several times now, and it’s always been disappointing. It doesn’t hit hard at all and it takes forever to feel the high. I do not normally have that issue with their other carts. You end up having to take a ton more hits to feel anything, so the cart drains quickly. I’ve had this same experience every time I’ve tried it. I do not recommend it at all. Try a different strain.

92.18% THC / 00.44% CBD

It fulfills expectations and then some.

Wicked strong. And I’ve got a HIGH Tolerance

I’m not s big fan of strawberry-banana (Strawnana) - only smoked it twice from Stiiizy and was meh. Plus, of late, it seems everyone has added to their lines. Most as the full name vs Strawnana (odd). Picked up 1g of Select Oil cart (tested 91^%) / I love Select, tons of strains, all 88-95% and $35/$55). So decided to give it a try for a strain cycle break. Wow. 1. Stiiizy has gone downhill - PlugPlay! And 2. Holy fack did it hit me and I’ve got a wicked tolerance. GREAT lazy day high. That nice stony indica high but lighter. Sativa effects less the energy - I.s. Nice euphoric mood, happy/laugh on route and just one of the best highs I’ve had in a while and I’m a strain chaser. Name it and I’ve likely tried it - if in vape. This is 35min in to it now.... took 10 hits - 6-8 sec each, deep and held a 1-2 count. Color me impressed. I was gonna go with raw’s mendo berries I also ordered, glad I didn’t. From amnesia haze to Hindu Kush and land races. Wow.


Even with high tolerance it hits me hard. One of the best cartridges I’ve tried.

One of the best

Taste is spot on and testing is at 92%. This is a personal favorite and ranks within my top 3 favorite cartridges. Must try!

Holy mother of sweet baby Buddha!

Fire AF and right on the money! Strong strawberry and banana terps with their classic oil taste!

Tasted like vomit.

Cart tasted like vomit and stomach acid. Can't even hit it without making a face it's so bad. High is alright, but it sure sucks getting there.

So upset 😭

I bought this cartridge and it didn’t work I was really looking forward to trying it since I’m experimenting with a higher Cbd percentage😭😭😭😭

Select Select

Haven’t gone wrong with Select Oils . This has a smooth flow and quick buzz . Billiam
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