Durban Poison - Elite - Sativa


Energetic, Uplifted, Happy

Select Elite elevates your cannabis enjoyment to a higher level with luxuriant terpene-infused distillate in our award-winning cartridges. This top-shelf product packs a powerful punch of flavor and potency with our highest concentration of activated THC. Available in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa options.

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4.5 stars

Its a Potent Classic

Great for work better than a energy drink.

Strong and Smooth

I’m not a heavy hitter, so this is only the opinion of a novice, but this is a awesome cart. Strong enough to feel after the first hit, but smooth and not harsh on the lungs. Maybe my new -old favorite.

Tastes like poison

I was so excited to try this flavor but it tastes awful and feels more like an Indica, because it makes me really sleepy. Not sure if I just got a bad batch but ya I'm disappointed

Consistently good

While they're usually a bit pricey Select carts are worth it because they are on point every time

good good

these really live up 2 name strong hit and good high


great flavor. I love that they test all products

A Wee Bit Overwhelming

Seemed a bit hot on the throat and overdone with the terp profile. I figure people go to Select to get hit with a sledgehammer and this would not disappoint in that regard.


This is the best cart out there hands down. Perfect for surfing- creative/focus. Highly recommend.
Select Oil
The strains we have are always new and always changing. If this is a favorite and you see any more, I would snag a few. We are always adding strains to our roster! Thank you.
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Dank Sativa

Hashie taste with those beautiful effects that really uplift and enjoy! def ELITE
Select Oil
Many thanks! Glad that Durban Poison fits your 'Elite' standards.
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First Choice

This DP tastes great and the effects are great. Very functional!
Select Oil
Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!
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Sativa Breakfast Heaven

I bought my Durban Poison cartridge specifically for me to smoke in the mornings to see if I could notice any differences in the high that the Indica one's give me, and I have not gone back!! It has a orange-y taste, similar to melon, it reminds me of eating an less-sweet Orange tootsie pop. I can notice a significant difference in the Durban Poison where the high is calming and peaceful, I am able to drink my coffee, smoke from my pen, and wake up to begin my day without getting rip roaring ass stoned with the wake and bake I was previously doing!! 84.51% THC with a litttttttle 00.23% CBD thrown in. I hold my hits in for as long as possible (just out of habit I suppose haha) and notice the effects hit me after 1-3 minutes depending on if it was a 3-second draw or a 6-second.


Honey, this cartridge works wonderful! It doesn’t leak as much as other brands when standing still with cap on. Taste is a bit gunky like fishy but it keeps me awake and gives me energy to keep going without getting high.

My introduction to Select.

I was on a journey and the journey had been hard on both me and my best friend. We first discovered Select (S) in Beaverton, OR at the Green Planet. Being from California we have experienced subpar concentrate that either gets you high with a harsh burn, or burns up quickly with little effect. We had been suggested (S) as a guaranteed win for flavor and experience, the other benefit was that Oregon has no severe sales tax like Ca does. We purchased this cartridge and a (S) pen with it for a reasonable $ and went about our day. The KEY to (S) is 3 second hits. Don’t go for clouds! You will get the same dose but end up burning through the cartridge and burning through your $. Upon our first draws from the pen we instantly caught a flavor palate of cantaloupe and rose petal. Then (S) went to work. The Durban Poison raved through us like a wave of ecstasy. Not doped and stupid but more so at peace and truly able to enjoy the moment scenery and the world around us. Find this and find life.

DURBAN POISON (by Select) Vape cartridge

If you need some help with concentration or a nudge just to get up and going DURBAN POISON (especially by SELECT) is definitely going to help you get shit done!! If you are feeling tired, take a hit of this baby and you will somehow in some miraculous way... you can slowly feel the fatigue wear off and onwards you go! I used the vape cartridge of this strain made by Select and I really like the brand and the quality and their price is pretty good. The taste was actually pleasant (not skywalker og) tasty but it was pleasant. Be careful as once you get honed in on one task, you aren’t going to want to do anything but finish it so make sure you keep an eye on the time of day or night it is or next thing you know the sun will be rising lol. Heed my warning though.... if you are thinking about using this at work.... make sure you can handle it because if you take too many or too big of a hit you are going to feel the more euphoric effect.

Durban Poison

I base my strain selection on a few factors. One being that the strain meet the certain effects that I prefer, which Durban Poison does. The second being the quality of the product. I strictly look for companies that are reputable, and test their products. Select oil meets both. The cartridge itself is appealing to the eye, and made of good quality. Select Oil also ensures that the cartridges contain a ceramic core and an organic Japanese cotton wick, which are both pluses in my book. The product itself taste great, and the effects are instant. I would recommend Select Oil to anyone that is seeking a quality product that delivers.

When capitalism outdoes compassionate care 🤬

Sadly, I can’t support this company as strongly as i used to in just a couple short months. Buy six half gram cartridges and notice levels appear varied. Email them. Don’t even ask for any refund, just want them to know bc i love these cartridges. Get a bullshit corporate-style email. “Highest quality bsbsbsbsbs” Read the email as I open a cartridge and have to drill my own hole vent in the bottom bc they didn’t. Pfft, fine. Two of the newest New Durban cartridges available at my dispensary are a different color and taste than any of my previous cartridges half AND gram. It doesn’t even taste like Durban. It tastes like and is clear and honey gold like Jack Herer. WHAT A SHAME!!! 😔 last strike is your complete lack of care and empathy for your patients. It’s clear you just want a quick buck. Well you can go buck a duck. 😏

Elite is a fitting word...

I've just tasted through several of these cartridges. Brilliant is the word I'd use to describe the balance and flavor profile of brown bread- hard sauce- bourbon cream, touches of citrus zest and lavender- some hot chilies at the finish bring the incredibly introspective stone right in between your eyes. Yes. Right there.
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