Dosi Kush Live Resin Sauce

$39.99per 1 g
Product description

Dosi Kush is an Indica-dominate live resin sauce that boasts a fruity and petrol aroma with powerful effect. Hit by the subtle taste of fresh earth and mint, the palate is overwhelmed with a smooth and earthy flavor profile. A dab of these gassed up extracts is rewarded with an intense lemon and pine flavor that has a distinctly fuel-filled exhale. 


Both long-lasting and vibrant, a dab of these full throttle extracts provide a persuasive and easygoing high for the knowledgeable consumer. Best utilized as a post-work indulgence, a dab Dosi Kush alleviates minor bouts of physical discomfort and allows for the relaxed mindset to flourish. 


* West Coast Cure concentrates are tested in compliance with California Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.


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7 reviews

1 year ago
5 stars


Really good Indica. I’ve tried their alien cookies live resin sauce and it smacked too. Swear they put a little bit more than 1g in these things. I choose WCC over Raw Garden concentrates most of the time. Thc was at 80% flat for my Dosi Kush.
1 year ago
5 stars

Even better in person

Pictures do no justice when it comes to this strain. I expected some nice yellow diamonds instead I got some pure white VVS type diamonds that smelled and tasted amazing! The high kicks in fast and lasts for hours. I love raw garden, beezle extracts, etc, but man does West Coast Cure take the cake, at least on this strain. Highly recommend, for $45 a gram you can’t beat this quality for this price.
9 months ago
5 stars


Taste fire, never disappoints 🔥
9 months ago
5 stars


Great for pain. I hope my regular place restocks this one.
11 months ago
4 stars


Sit back and relax with this: after work cap or daytime relaxant like strain Pretty standard kushy taste not as much dosi taste feel is no different Euphoric
11 months ago
3 stars

nice heady high

although mines did not come out like in the picture, it isn't as terpy looking and does not taste like kush or peanut butter. I guess it's a hit and miss company because the purple punch lr badder from them is FIRE
1 year ago
5 stars

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