Dosiquin 0.5g Cartridge


Dosiquin 0.5g CartridgeHarlequin x Dosidos x SleeroyHybridRaw Garden’s high potency refined live resin vape cartridge is made from single source live resin with cannabis terpenes.

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4 stars

Tried another one last night

I like raw gardens , genetics are superb, single source is obvious from hit one. Yet for whatever reason, they get me medicated but yet to find one that I hit and say “wow!” Like the first time I gave Earth OG from ASCND a try (96% - -also with select and raw - CLEAN LAB TESTS. THC is great and I’m a high tolerance user but don’t smoke that much. Just a high tolerance - so I stick with ASCND, Select, PlugPlay and now trying to find the right raw cart. Hard to find their full lineup, but I think one of the more staple strains might be it. Like chemdogging strain they have - heck, not a fan but I’ll bet their banana og is probably fire. Just locally it’s Bearly White, badlands strains and this one. Taste is good, smooth but the high is there just never crosses that threshold - regardless of how many hits. Also saw reviews about how long they last. I can knock out a 1/2 gram in two evening sessions. (Only smoke stop night/ ~8:30-9pm). Yeah, they have the headspace but suspect

Good for night time

Not as terpy as some others, more mild og flavor but hits strong and works good for evenings and sweet dreams. I get at least 25 pulls from my .5g RG carts with my battery set at 3.8 volts, this one included

It’s good but runny

I been using RG for a good while now. Lately with these newer cartridges/strains a half gram seems to go buy real quick. Oil not as thick as before I dunno. So far just noticed with this one.
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