CUREpod Battery - Blue

Product description

CUREpods by West Coast Cure embody the latest in high-tech cannabis vaping. Sleek, slim and fashionably discreet, the CUREpod premium vaporizer is currently available in blue, black and gold. Distinguished by 21st century draw-activated pod technology, it’s engineers have ultimately delivered a product that provides effortless airflow and a superior vaping experience. Compatible with all WCC CUREPods (sold separately), and many of today’s most popular vaping pods, the rechargeable device includes one micro USB charging cable.

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11 reviews

2 months ago
1 star

Slow charge

Had the pen on the charger for 3 hours, it is still not charged and for some dumb reason these pens will not allow you to hit it again until it is fully charged. They take forever to charge and die very quickly. Pods are quite average when they are working. I have loved west coast cure for a while but for a year or 2 now it seems quality is going down and profit is going up.
2 years ago
5 stars

Just got it

I just got it because I heard this is stronger than stiiizy and plug and play but it’s honestly like any other vape pen, it gets the job done and it’s small, is it worth it? It is, it’s 30 for a half gram maybe less in other places, the oil seems like it will last a while but I don’t know I just got it. I’m going to try plug and play next and do a YouTube video on that soon.
2 years ago
5 stars

Sleek AF!

These batteries are alot slimmer then it seems from the packaging. Kind of dope cause it slips in anywhere...almost thought i lost it cause i didnt feel it in my pocket. So far in 4 days it hasnt lost a charge. 💯
1 year ago
5 stars

Working great

Have had it 3 days and love it. Like the sleek design...feels good in hand....puffs good and battery is still not needing charge yet. I was worried hearing some - reviews about the battery. But so far so good. beats traditional carts.
2 years ago
5 stars

nice asf

these worked very well
2 years ago
5 stars

Really awesome

I saw their instagram with the free vape battery special and it’s legit! Got me lit 🔥 and the battery itself is sleek and soft. Can't seem to put it down.
2 years ago
5 stars


Im cheap, so the two free vape batteries special got me to try these out.But Surprisingly tasty flavors and the high lasts for hours 😋 ☁️ love the size too!
2 years ago
5 stars

Free battery and prettiest color ❤️

My friend had this new vape pen and I loved the blue color so i got my own for free with a cartridge! She had the Skittles flavor which was tastey but I got the watermelon sorbet 😋 . Hits harder then youd think for the size so as a light weight myself, small doses recommended. 🤤
2 years ago
4 stars

NICE size

seems like a good system. hits harder and taste better than Stiiizy. battery is real slim, just disappears in your hand.
1 year ago
2 stars


I got mine and I tried it and it was good at first but then I put it to charge and it held the charge but the light would NOT turn off. I tried it again and it would not work what so ever.. i had my father in law check it as well and it didn't work either. I just went ahead and got a brand new one but different brand.. maybe I just got a really shitty one.
1 star

Bad Battery

I bought this wccpod battery along with 7 cure pods on 4-19 from a dispensary in Orange County, and ever since then i have gone back everyday to exchange for a new one.Every battery seems to have issues when put to charge.After disconnected the red light will remain lit red and begin to heat up until it dies out.If there is anyone from the WCC team that would like to coment on this please would be appreciated
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