$120.00per 1 g
Product description

Persy sauce is another form of our persy rosin. Squished only from the finest spectrum of trichromes from the first wash producing a very flavorful solventless extract. This form of our persy features a separation of terpenes into a liquid and a crystallization of THCA into solid crystals, then recombined into your jar.

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4 reviews

13 days ago
5 stars

The Best There Is

Just had the pleasure of purchasing, and then smoking, some Tier 1 Lemonheads Persy Sauce. Incredible flavor and such a great and clear high. The best MMJ product I have ever come across. Keep it going 710!!
1 year ago
5 stars

It’s the best By far

Got the world peace persy sauce, the smell from the jar was glorious, consistency immaculate, dabbed it at a low temp and it’s a full body experience. I wish I can do 85 a gram regularly and I seen it for 120 at some places. I don’t always smoke Persy sauce, but when I do, I prefer 710 labs haha
1 year ago
5 stars

Great stuff

Smooth,delicious and rich is the best way to describe each puff that lifts the body of all pain and neasea and sets body in relaxation mode
10 months ago
3 stars

Absolutely no reason to be charging $170 a g.

Look, I have traveled the US for 5 years trying the best that every state has to offer. So far, Ive picked up flames like this flavor-wise and consistence (rosin sause) for $100 a G in Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, San Fran, San Jose and a spit full of other towns. Why in the actual F they are asking for $170 a g for this is absolutely absurd. Thats not even with the .35% tax that California likes to put on rec sales. Moronic.. anybody who buys this is a sucker for hype or mentally ill.
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