Monster Cookies


The Cure Company has crafted an exquisite cut of Monster Cookies, an 80% indica cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. A very earthy and flowery strain, there are notes of berries and grape that appear on the palate. Monster Cookies can help remedy pain, stress, insomnia, and especially, lack of appetite. This colorful bud is great for nighttime use, with an intense sedation that washes over you slowly- leaving you happy, sleepy, and hungry.

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5 stars


Man if you looking for some heavy pressure man this is it. I can never go wrong with see monster cookies . I llove quality indica and this is 100% my typa fiyaaaa!

These Monster Cookies Rock.......!!!!!!!!!!!

Helllllllllllllll Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........!!!!!!!!!! Grabbed an 8th of these bad-ass Monster Cookies, and I am soooooo dammmmm glad I did....!!!!!!! These buds are so dammmmm frosty.....!!!!!! The tastes is sweet and doughie.....!!!!!!! And the high is truly top notch......!!!!!!!! It's just like a big BOOM....!!!! And then a Hellllllllll Yaaaaaaa baby....!!!!!!! Good weed, right.....!!!!! You know, so many of these new companies are putting out weed right now, and so much if it is just pure crap.... When you come across one like The Cure Company, your just glad you spent the money and tried something new.....!!!!!!!!! These guys did on dammmmmmm fine job on the Monster Cookies.....!!!!!!!! I can not wait to try their Cookie Jar strain.....!!!!!!! You can't go wrong with these Monster Cookies....!!!!! They look great, taste even better, and the high is just a big, Yaaaaaa....!!!!!!! What more could you ask for, right....!!!!!!!!!

Cure Company Is Lit

Got an 8th at City Compassionate Caregivers on Patient appreciation day for $5. The High in monster cookies is heavy and the taste and smell is amazing! You can’t go wrong with this strain.


soooo good

Monster Cookies From CCC

City Compassionate Caregivers has this wonderful strain. smells unique due to GDP cross... its fuely terpy aroma is enticing yet seductive... comes in a nice box with all components listed on awesome labeling. hidden inside is a nice glass jar with simple labeling. highly recommended at 22.9% thc Tested at: CannaSafe Labs The Cure Company is A Winner for sure.
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