Amnesia Haze Original is one of the more popular strains of cannabis available in Amsterdam’s coffee shops. It has a strong THC percentage of around 22.3% and features earthy, spicy and citrusy flavours with a pleasantly sweet aroma. It can be genetically traced throughout South Asia and Jamaica, being well bred with Hybrid and Sativa strains from those regions throughout the revolutionary cannabis growing 1990s. Amnesia Haze Original has won several awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup and, in the world of cannabis, is considered of very top quality. Given the potency of this strain, you can expect uplifting effects that can help lessen depression, anxiety and stress. It also goes very well when shared, with euphoric highs pertinent to the Haze strain. You can expect to feel its full force within 15 minutes and, given its raw power, high THC and low CBD content, it should not be recommended to newcomers or novices without some guidance. After experiencing the full extreme highs of the Amnesia Haze Original, you will understand why this strain has proven so popular and successful over the past few decades.

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