Pineapple Express - Elite - Hybrid


Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric

Select Elite elevates your cannabis enjoyment to a higher level with luxuriant terpene-infused distillate in our award-winning cartridges. This top-shelf product packs a powerful punch of flavor and potency with our highest concentration of activated THC available. Available in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa options.

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3.3 stars

tastes like garbage

I'm used to these tasting amazing. this strain did not.


The terpenes profile seems to be from pinene, though others expect a flavor, this packs a punch. What’s best of this cartridge is the consistency, it will make me cough every time I hit it. The terpene’s aroma is superlative and induces a moment of oxygen deprivation that shows if you ain’t chokin, you ain’t tokin. Truly underrated

Quality flavor 💛

Quality product i just wish the tank was filled more but this P.E is fire. 😊💨

The best Pineapple Express our there w/Plugplay

I’m a big select fan. Been using them since they first appeared in LA 3 years ago. Always consistent - always mid to low 90’s THC. Just wish they would pick a real pod system to go to - pax is junk and their 510’s are good but can have leaking issues. I just experienced one yesterday. But out of the 100+ I’ve had maybe 3 leak total. So it’s not a real issue. 90% Thc and this had me flying - and I’ve got a wicked tolerance. Highest I’ve been since I can remember. I was worried about racy / edginess - as I smoke indica’s almost solely. Nope, nice and calm and as I noted - heck of a fun ride. Just picked up plugplays version - 90.6% - we’ll see which is better. Took one hit off the plug and I will say the taste of the plug is better but the select is smoother. I never cough with then. Anyhow, one of the top 3 brands in the market - Select - ASCND - PlugPlay. All over 85% real lab tested batches and quality oil. Brass / haha etc all junk and test @ 70% and dirty.


It tasted old and the package said mfg date was 12/18/18 so it was old but I still like the brand it’s really good


This is one of my all time favorite strains, it's so euphoric and tastes nice. Always buy it whenever I see it.

Select oil cartridge one day old leaked everything

So I picked up a select cartridge after reading amazing reviews about them and the first rips got me very stoned then all The oil leaked out and I no oil now and wasted the $70 bucks I spent. Lame
Select Oil
Oh no! Sorry to hear that cartridge leaked. I would take it back to the shop you got it and they should be able to get you one that won't leak on you. If you run into any speed-bumps, our awesome team at would be happy to help.
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Bomb 💣 88%
Select Oil
Thank you for your support.
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Not This

Select are my first choice, they're great. PEX is my favorite and unfortunately this is awful. It has no trace of pineapple and the effects are very sedating. Nothing like PEX, and now I gotta toss 3/4 gram. Not happy about that. But very other cart I've had was great.
Select Oil
We are bummed to hear you are not satisfied with this cartridge, especially Pineapple Express being your favorite. I would take it back to the dispensary you got it and they should be able to get you one that you might like better. We stand behind our products 100%, and have an exchange policy that reflects it. If you run into trouble, our support team would be happy to help. You can get in touch with them at 
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Dopest dope I ever smoked. lol but on the real. great high. keeps you faded but up. be careful tho. too much can be ....a little much lol glad I tried it 🍻

Love me some Pex

Good high, tastes great


not impressed I bought a gram and there's nothing like pineapple about it it's awful ! it tastes nasty ! I smoked it for over an hour and barely got any effects from it ! Don't waist your money
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