Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate Bar 100mg


Milk chocolate infused with a blend of traditional chai spices and a dash of vanilla. The chai spices taste amazing with the natural herbaceous qualities of cannabis. It’s like a warm blanket in a chocolate bar.

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4 stars

Loves it

Sooo good and works perfectly for me. 💗💗

Ok, but high CBD

I tried this based on the interesting flavor. I took 10 mg and was able to achieve the desired affect. Great taste but a bit too much CBD. awesome packaging, very sleek. Just ok for me. would rather have a more discrete form.

LOVE Kiva Bar

There are different edible brands for different situations. Kiva would be used for my creative process and coming up with ideas for projects. Once it kicks in I can hear all if the doors in my mind open up and the ideas start flooding in to assist wuth my writing process. I don't feel wiped out and I can function while under the influence. Depending on your tolerance level 5-10mg is for newbies and 25mg will have you talking to Tupac. You have to play around with the dosages.

Kiva Not For Me

Someone gave this bar 5 stars, I tried it and let me explain my style of review. I am not into flavors, but if it tastes good then that's a plus. I am eating these edibles for either getting a euphoric feeling or healing. This bar has way to much CBD in it to compete with the THC content of the others I tried. This by far was the weakest so far fir THC. It said it had 95% THC and 5% CBD, but not feeling it at all like that. Maybe this was a weak batch, but I am sticking to the other brands. The review was goin on Weeats Review, but not for my system. I am not a heavy THC user and I eat edibles about 1 every 3 months or more and eat the from 5-8 days then done. So fir this not to hit me hard with what I eat normally, weak is what it is. Hell I have had some gummy bears where eating 3 of pieces had me hallucinating. This bar had me mellow at best, no serious high, mire for healing than for feeling. You have any take try it for yourself then let me know.


This is one of the best chocolate bars out there, and this one is my favorite flavor. There’s a bunch of other flavors if you want to try those too.
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