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4.5 stars

The greatest delivery

My experience with Gaia was so amazing such great flower, buds, concentrate!!! Don’t get me started in the delivery time!! The fastest I’ve has in years! Definitely a must. Period.

horrible experience with customer service!!!

this is what I sent to the main number after my interaction yesterday and no one even had the courtesy to send me a txt or call back to say man that sucks or we will credit you the money you lost! Hey just so you know my experience with my driver wasnt that great. I'm 99% sure he ended up with more money than He was supposed to. Definitely told me I gave him less. I didnt have my glasses on and i was in alot of pain. I just basically emptied my wallet, which was 95$ And after he rudely handed me a tube with "preroll" that had no roll in it. I havnt used a delivery system in a long time and was desperate today. I was really really disappointed in this whole interaction with my driver from txt to delivery and it makes me not want to order again
Gaia Xpress
Roseville / Rocklin
Sorry give us a call and we can fix any issue you have?
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Best tree out there

I have no complaints at all they have the best flower for a really good price I highly recommend them

gaia is by far the best in sac, hands down! <3

always the best service and products in sac. with the wide variety of meds for unbeatable prices, im able to treat all my ailments with gaia's help! #gaiagang all day ;p
Gaia Xpress
Roseville / Rocklin
Thank you very much we appreciate the love and support!!!!
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Can’t get enough

Every time I order from Gaia, I am never disappointed or let down by the product. And the service of the delivery drivers is just a plus on top of great products

simply the best!

my favorite place in town! simply the best meds at the best price! they always take care of you best they can and they will help you pick out alternative meds if what you are looking for has run out! gaia is really the only place to go love these guys they always come through with the gods meds!!!


Best delivery yet!

Always my first choice

Very affordable prices and great service to match

Best delivery service

I’ve had hella delivery and local dispensary and this place has some gas ⛽️⛽️ I smoke every day and one hit of this wax got me pretty lit 10/10 recommend

Amazing price totally worth it

I keep reading that people will text there order in and not get confirmation but I’ve NEVER had that issue. I order from them at least once a month and ask if I can place an order and I always get an “of course,” so if your not getting confirmation don’t get frustrated and post a bad review, just call the number during their business hours and they’ll help you. I’ll place my order and it’ll take about an hour and a half to get here which is kind of a long wait but if someone is taking the time out of their day to bring me weed while I’m in the comfort of my home then they can take their sweet time. Honestly for the prices they offer I’d wait all day. Any issues I’ve come across have been solved by either the driver or a text to the ordering number. Overall outstanding delivery service.

new patient experience

I was a new customer trying to order from them at 7:45pm and i gave them my script and id and they said it was cool, i ordered but they never responded after that 😅 i understand id you’re busy but damn let me know if you wont process my order so i can give someone else my money. sucks cause i really wanted to order from them 🤦🏽‍♂️


GOOD STUFF👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 DELIVERY ON TIME!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Best ever

Best ever all around i love Gaia 🖤

always the best

cheapest prices around and good service. been a regular here for a long time at least a year or longer. never really had any complaints. yes they are slow but they see so many patients you have to have some patience. also depends on the day you order. if its payday ur going to wait anywhere u go unless the bud is priced so poorly nobody is buying it at those other places. i never have to poke around to see if im getting a deal or not because gaia always bringing those rock bottom unbelievable prices

Great product, horrible service

I’ve ordered from Gaia a couple times now, and the bud has always been high quality for a good price. This recent trip was one to confirm my skepticism of somewhat laziness from Gaia. They sent me a half ounce of the wrong product and the stuff I got didn’t even remotely look similar to the pictures. (They sent me ice cream cake xpress) So I sent them a text and they were polite, but unprofessionally quick and short but they said they would send the right stuff. They said they would be at my house at 3pm and they didn’t show up until 10pm. I waited all day for the right product that I paid a lot of money for, I check the bag only to see it’s the same strain (ice cream cake) however it looked absolutely nothing like in the picture once again, but what worried me was it looked nothing like the strain they had just given me that was apparently the same thing. I spent an entire day waiting around, only for them to send me the wrong stuff twice that looked like random buds. I feel scammed

Fake Products!!!

I recently purchased 3 cartridges from this company. Chapo Kingdom, Chronic Carts, & Monopoly brand. Online and on the packaging they claimed chapo (+90% thc), chronic (+88% thc), & monopoly (+80% thc) all false. The potency was not there. I’m a daily smoker, who can feel the differences in medication. I can tell when I’m being lied to. I don’t even know what Im smoking at this point. My throat was so irritated from continually taking drags off of whatever they sold me. Don’t purchase from this irresponsible company.

Haven’t had anyone better

These people plug you up and STAY pluggin you up🥺🔥 best flower out no cap this has literally been a new experience with weed here didn’t think there could be so many different amazing highs to try out🤷🏽‍♂️

best flower in California.

hey y'all, the best flower selection in Sacramento..try the ICC Express, platinum candy cookies, Extreme Pink Cookies, and 33 Bananas. Fire people. serves Lincoln too.

Order here

California weed at its finest

false advertising

weed looked nothing like what i purchased, and were terrible at communicating and i ordered it at 9pm and didnt get it until midnight
Gaia Xpress
Roseville / Rocklin
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