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4.1 stars

Best delivery ever!!!

I love this place I order there all the time they have a wide selections. And very polite people!

omg how I love these guys

never let me down I called late this time and they still got me much appreciated and the weed is fire like always ❤️


STILL WAITING FOR A CALL FROM MANAGEMENT.. Btw.. 290$ spent... no edibles. just a lighter and a wax pick.. LMFAO.

Worst quality

Worst quality very DRY weed , even received a used lighter literally half way gone . 🌵

Long time patient

They r reliable


They sell counterfeit. Brass Knuckles. Nice packaging of FAKE cart. You do know that people are turning up DEAD after using Counterfeit THC Vape Carts?


I haven’t felt like I’m actually getting what I paid for until I started going to fuego meds . The name says it all ,fire🔥

Best delivery service ever!

I called in and the dispatcher was so nice and helpful. I had plenty of questions for him and he answered everything to the T. Not only did I receive amazing service over the phone but I also received high quality flower for an incredible price! I definitely suggest calling in.


These guy's always have what I want and if they don't they'll make it happen....Great service! Great bud!

Price gauging !!!

I tried to order at 12:45 and was told that the minimum went up due to time of night lol!!! Don’t be open of its too late !!! Just like if you can’t stand the heat get outta the kitchen !! Cmon! Just Bc you’re being regulated left and right doesn’t mean it comes down to your clients and loyal patients pockets !!! Poor poor poor choice my friends !


These guys won’t disappoint you! They’re deals are amazing and will leave you satisfied with their products! Give it a try!


Definitely medical an wortth ettt main don't bother with all the other dood. Thanks again for your help

Best delivery service!

I've steadily used these guys for over 6 months. they always hook it up and are real close to the ETA they gi e whenever I order.

Best deals

Fuego has really good deals on everything from concentrates to buds and super quick service. Definitely worth shopping here!

Thank you 🔥🔥🔥

You won’t be disappointed fast delivery great prices

Above and beyond

Above and beyond... I ordered I’ll behalf of my mom and I’ve got to say these guys are awesome talk about yes-man they definitely want to be as accommodating as possible putting thoughts into each and every customer is something that is neglected in this underground industry I was impressed

Fast and easy

Ordering was a breeze and they offer great deals. Always quality👌🏾

Above and beyond

Best prices, great service and always a little above and beyond

Best delivery in SD

Always on time Best flower No BS

Id give 2.5 if i could

Ordered from this place yesterday, they responded quick and answered quickly, also the delivery was on time with what they said, only issues were that i was clear with the amount of money i had and when they got there they asked for more. Driver called and talked to him about it, i even had a text showing everything but he didnt want to see it. It was okay in the end, and when i had asked for a picture the video sent was bad quality(looked like it was recordered with a 10+ yr old phone) so i just went off on what i saw online. It said top shelf and whe i got it, it did look a bit different then what the photo online showed and ive noticed quite a few seeds. And the "500mg" edible they gave for free was nice but i ate the entire thing last night and it didnt do a thing, it actually messed up my stomach(i have PTSD so i only use it at night to help with night terrors so my tolerance isnt very high. The place i used to go to(was unfortunately closed) had amazing top shelf at the same exact price point(their version of top shelf was really good indoor) this places top shelf was nothing like that, doesnt have a strong smell to it, looks like outdoor as well(not to mention the seeds and pretty big stems). I dont go out with friends and use it so im not using this for fun, it is MEDICINE to me so when this happens it screws me up for awhile. Also i had to rewrite this review(wrote and posted last night and it disappeared) Just wasnt the best first experience and makes it harder the trust the 2nd time if i try them again. Also i see others have had this issue with subpar flower.
Fuego Meds
f you would like to contact us next time we can offer you a much better strain that helps with PTSD for a similar price. Lastly the free edibles we give 2:32 PM to our first time patients are a matter of common courtesy, if it had no effect and caused a stomach ache we can offer you a free edible of higher qualit 2:34 PM ed. We strive to take care of all of our patients, especially those in need of flower for medical reasons. Thank you again for your feedback. -Fuego Me 2:34 PM ouble checked the price for you and actions will be made on his account. Secondly we would also like to apologize for the strain of flower you received i 2:34 PM y on your next purchase. We value all of your feedback and thank you for letting us know, if you do decide to try us again we will fulfill all of your ne 2:34 PM ds Management Team 2:34 PM Dear Valued Customer, first and foremost we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused, the driver who dropped your order should have d
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