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 New!! Mango Flyte Cartridges! 




About Us

 Flyte.Life is a premium online dispensary that allows members across Canada to shop not only Flyte products but a selection of other carefully curated cannabis brands. Our user-friendly website allows you to shop Flyte cartridges and raw dabs, Big Bliss Topicals, Mota Edibles, Lunar Shatter and awesome Flyte merch. 




 #takeflyte with Clearly Better Concentrates.

Flyte is not only a premium concentrates producer, but also a lifestyle brand with its own online shop. At, you can shop the wide selection of Flyte products and flavours, along with a carefully curated line of other cannabis products.


Our distillate extraction process starts with the finest source material and uses state of the art systems to produce a highly flavourful, potent product free of impurities.


Shop our wide variety of flavour Flyte cartridges and kits such as Sour Diesel, Tangerine, Blueberry, and our new Mango! Or use our Raw Flyte dabs on your favourite nail for a clearly better concentrate experience.


Along with our line of Flyte Products, we are proud to offer our customers other top of the line cannabis brand on the platform. You can shop Lunar shatter, Big Bliss topicals, and Mota Edibles. 




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December 13th, 2017

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