FLYT Delivery at FLYT Lounge

4.5 stars by 82 reviews
delivery Oakland, Californiamedical & recreational
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4.5 stars

I love I was a good service and fast

I love I reccomend

Flytdelivery Is my choice!

Other than having a good selection, they have good prices and will work with cards, so I will always come back. :-)

Great Delivery Service

The people on the phone were really helpful even though I had many questions. Will definitely be coming back.


Responsive, easy to order, communicative and professional. Got the 8-pack Raw garden and got to select from a VARIETY of strains 🤯🔥 Number one source for my Raw Garden materials!

Great delivery easy to use website

I found Flyt about a month ago and placed my first order with them through their website. Very easy to use and I was in contact with their team within minutes of placing my order. They sent me several updates, my meds were delivered in under 45 min and the driver was very friendly. Cant wait to order again.


FLYT Delivery at FLYT Lounge
Good evening - we notice you're a fan of gassy flower, from what you indicate are you favorites. Can you please provide us some suggestions of what you'd like to see added to the menu? We'd love to turn your frown upside down! Thank you so much for taking FLYT! We look forward to serving you again!
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Floyd Flywheel

Changed the medicating game for me

This place has literally ruined me for the ‘retail experience’, as we currently know it. They only stock what works and maintain value points that make regular mmj financially feasible. Further, the lounge is a fantastic oasis in our East Bay commercial desert, and an invaluable asset to the immediately-local community. I have now learned to follow their deals and shop accordingly, and haven’t looked back - literally my only option anymore, in the best way

They are fast and handle you with care!

They have the top of the line stuff for the low! FTP and I’m satisfied for me first time! I even had a problem with a cart and was able to work things out! May others get stingy but not them!🔌💯


First time ordering there fast eta's good service and good weed.

Check it

It's a Kool spot if ur I'm the rush or last min delivery tax confuse me but aye I'll give it to them.

Very happy customer

flight deliveries awesome will definitely come back and I recommend others to try as well definitely worth it! They have alot of selection and very good deals! Alot of top shelf quality for good price!! Dont miss out guys!!

Best products at the lowest price

I love Flyt delivery. They have a wide selection of quality products at the lowest prices I’ve seen around the area. If you’re looking for quality, look no further. Prompt delivery and great service. I can’t recommend enough.

Friendly and knowledgeable

I called Flyt and talked with Jared, he was an absolute delight and knew the menu well. He was actually happy when I showed up and got to know me. Will absolutely come back.

False advertising! Poorly ran.

I claimed the order special for 8 grams of Raw for $166. I even confirmed the price over the phone as $225 after taxes. the delivery driver shows up trying to charge $257. This is false advertising and a bait and switch. Even at full price they were charging like 50% for taxes. I'm pretty sure this isn't in compliance with the BCC. 🧐 Follow Up: The owner is just flat out not telling the truth. I even asked if I could pick up the delivery order to get the special. I was told if I live in Oakland not to worry. I even have a text confirming this. They dropped the ball and now try to blame me. Not a good way to do business and obviously I'm not the only one based on other reviews. This company is ran by dishonest scumbags. All u had to do is own your mistake. Instead you blame me. Not good, bad business. You won't be around long with these types of business ethics.
FLYT Delivery at FLYT Lounge
Hey - your review here is not at all accurate. It's 100% false. Our listing for Embarcadero Cove very plainly says it is the pricing for delivery to Embarcadero Cove. We have a separate listing for FLYT Delivery Oakland, which displays our pricing for delivery to your home address. The price for an 8 pack to your home is indeed $257 total for adult use customers, and is indicated as such on our Oakland listing. If you order a delivery to Embarcadero Cove, the price is indeed $166 pretax, which is $225 total with tax for adult use. There is nothing illegal about how we charge taxes or advertise our products, and this is simply a result of you not reading the details that plainly and accurately describe our pricing. We do not charge 50% taxes. We do not charge ANY hidden delivery fees or surcharges of any kind. We exclusively charge state excise tax, state sales tax, and city cannabis tax. An 8 pack delivered to your house is indeed accurately $257 total, and that is accurately identified as such on our FLYT Delivery Oakland listing. You let your eyes get the best of you and wishfully thought we deliver an 8 pack to your home for $166, but we plainly did not and do not advertise that anywhere at all. The deal has remained the same the entire time. We take the time to very clearly spell out the conditions under which we are able to pass along additional savings to you, and you seem to just want to attempt to hold our generosity and our unrivaled guaranteed low pricing against us. We sure hope you reconsider your one star review and recognize you have literally found the guaranteed low price leader. That applies to every single product we sell, every single time. We will proudly literally beat any lower advertised price by 10% of the difference, so your criticism is not only misplaced and undue, but you are actually flagrantly mischaracterizing our business and the model we have employed to deliver unparalleled low pricing to you every single time. Regardless whether you order delivery to your home or to Embarcadero Cove in Oakland, the compound tax rate is the same, and it is not 50% in either case. Your inaccurate information in this review is easily refuted with the facts of what our WeedMaps listings very plainly state, and the prices we consistently charge every single one of our thousands of happy, satisfied customers. True story.
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Ripoff and false advertisement and outride rude

Ima say this in a few word to get straight to it. How tf is 115$ deal end up 214$ after tax.Worst club ever guy said I was black mailing him because I simply was requesting a deal I seen on their website. I was supposedly “black mailing” and he wouldn’t even let me talk to the manager this place is unprofessional as hell! Don’t even deserve the 1 star rating.💯Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like being ripped off!
FLYT Delivery at FLYT Lounge
Please reach out to us to resolve this. You were speaking with a new employee who provided incorrect information without authorization. We do indeed offer a $115 pretax deal on the HeadStash 8 pack when delivered to Embarcadero Cove, and that total with all tax for an adult use customer is only $157 total. We are sorry you were given incorrect information and we are happy to make it up to you and make sure you receive a quality resolution to this matter. Please be in touch, we are not leaving you hanging. Thank you for your interest in taking FLYT, we appreciate you bringing your concern to our attention so we may remedy it for you as well as for everyone else's benefit as well. Have a great day, we look forward to speak with you soon!
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Raw Garden!!

This place is the best for wax deals! Paul is great at his job and provides wonderful customer service. Their new lounge in Oakland is comfortable and relaxing. Thanks FLYT!

response time very poor

this is why i prefer store fronts, its hard to ignore someone standing in front of you trying to give you money for something you have.


My order took over 2 hours and I live in Oakland which is kind of annoying, but other than that they are perfect. The prices are unbeatable and my raw gardens sent me to a different planet 🌠 Will definitely be ordering again!


Fast delivery , nice people and the Raw Gardens are fire !!!

Flyt made my day.

I usually dont purchase from delivery but was looking for a sativa. I purchased the mix n match ounce($105) and love it. I purchased the Lemon sativa,Private reserve Og and 805 citrus. Really appreciate the quality guys...I'll be calling you soon