Flowers and Wax - Brea / La Habra

4.8 stars by 54 reviews
delivery Brea, Californiamedical
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4.8 stars

this is an awesome team!

very courteous, transparent and efficient! hit these guys up. product is fresh, prices are good. I think they've figured out time travel, no lie.

The GOAT of weed maps

Always on time and so polite there really the best delivery place out there I consider flowers and wax family because how much love they show me always have the best medicine at the best prices everyone stop wasting your time with delivery’s that take forever and have high prices with low quality meds you won’t get anything like that with flowers and wax


amazing costumer service, very helpful and accommodating, quick reply’s and delivered within 30 minutes! wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Great deals and service

Always frjendly and they always have some pretty nice deals for wax & bud. Great service both delivering and over the phone whether talking or texting.

f* ** this guy!!! BAIT AND SWITCH

has a bunch of grand opening deals posted but yet when you call he wont pick up.. only text and then he has none of the grand opening deal only "daily deals" then fix your page and take off the deals. stupid bait and switch. Response to their response: like i give a flying fuk what you tolerate! you act like you have any authority over me. i stand by my text of you being a C U NEXT TUESDAY. obviously I chose by that point that you dont get my business. AND NO YOU DIDNT OFFER ME A BETTER DEAL!!! 12 PER G IS NOT BETTER THAN 10 A G. OBVIOUSLY YOU'RE TARDED
Flowers and Wax - Brea / La Habra
Brea / La Habra
bad review king strikes again
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Always has well priced medication and usually very quick delivery amazing service

best clinic

i recommened this clinic to you good wax deals and weed

Best Vape Deals!

I was looking for a variety and they delivered! Thanks for the great service & stiiizy recommendation #1

They got the exotics!

I was ordering some wax and ended up trying the PR flower as well. don't skip out on the purple punch flower!!!! shits fire, I hope they keep it in stock

#1 delivery team

The Flowers and wax family is the best there always more then helpful and go out of the way to make sure I’m satisfied with my order and hey it gets better they will go out of there way for you to I promise choose flowers and wax brea amd you will never order your meds from anywhere else but flowers and wax I love you family

Plug N Play!

I just recently tried Plug N Play carts after a referral from Jason! I’m really liking the new options, thanks guys for always keeping me medicated
jacks tink

Great Service and Product

Picked up from this spot 2x's and they've been consistent with the product @ killer prices. Definitely going to recommend and pick up from in the future. Thanks again.

This location goes above & beyond!

I’ve been coming to this clinic for some time - the wax slaps. I highly recommend getting some type of deal. Today I communicated with Brian about a concern I had and he was willing to work with me to resolve my concern/issue and to me that’s customer service at its finest. I will be returning just due to the fact that I had an amazing experience. Thanks again Brian!
Mace dgaf

great wax but not down for flower

was pumped because the bud looks good on their site but it looks like cartel bud all dry full of seeds reccomend the wax not the flower
Flowers and Wax - Brea / La Habra
Brea / La Habra
We're sorry you had this experience, please call us 657-234-1420 and we'll still help you out with a replacement.
Official Response

Brian is awesome

I called this delivery place as a FTP, & Brian TOTALLY hooked me up with more info than I even called for! We ended up just chatting for a bit about the new marijuana tech, & he found me the best deal for what I was looking for. Talked about all the knockoff carts right now, it was great! He even brought me a little edible because I told him I was about to go out of town :) They are unmatched. I LOVE THIS PLACE AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THEM!

the A team of deliveries

flowers and wax is the best delivery place on weed maps everybody needs to go through these guys for the best quality medicine out there thanks guys


these guys rock, great deals on great wax and awesome customer service. super friendly an very fast drivers. if your not going here, your gettin screwed somehow. try these guys.


just overall great response time and service and the driver was so chill. you dont find that in most deliveries. most just take the money and bounce but these guys are legit one of the best delivery services out there they sent me a photo of the product to verify it to my liking and were so kind to cut my original ETA down to a mere minutes not even 15 minutes and they were at my residence with my medication. I frankly dont even know who gave them anything below a 5 star review but they dont deserve that and the people that gave them that probably haven't smoked enough or have something up their ass to tarnish a good companies name. try them out you wont be disappointed their stuff is always top notch and at great fraction of the price and I hope they continue to serve the OC. truly phenomenal 🙏


First time and it was very professional with quality selection

Happy again, very happy with quality of flowers

Many thanks for rectifying any questions on last order. Great cust. service. Looking forward to my new relationship with a high end local clinic happy to help the disabled.