Fruit Spirit

*2oz for $350* Instead of being a strain that pairs well with tie-dye and sandals, Fruit Spirit is best served with a side of yoga and meditation. Flavors that mimic fruity tea and a perfect balance of effects give this strain by Royal Queen Seeds a well-deserved reputation. Breeders crossed Blueberry with White Widow to get this sativa-dominant bud that’s great for any time of the day. Fruit Spirit is best for experienced users, but if a novice smoker can handle the 19% average THC levels, more power to them! Buds are quite beautiful, with a dense cone shape that’s covered in milky resin and trichomes. Intense orange hairs and purple leaves only add to its unique visual appeal. Upon your first hit, you’ll taste an intense mix of berries and citrus, and while these notes are mirrored in Fruit Spirit’s scent, an herbal note much like green tea also comes into play for an appetizing aroma.

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