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Victoria, BC - Delivery Only

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Victoria Delivery - Mari

First-Time Patients

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Free Delivery Code: DELIVERY

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Mari is currently having a FREE DELIVERY PROMOTION

After successfully creating your customer Mari account users can cash in on a FREE DELIVERY on Mari by typing in the invite code : DELIVERY 

(Go to my profile and then click invite code)

About Us

Mari is an innovative web app that connects you the user to both drivers and dispensaries near by giving you ability to order your favourite cannabis products and have them delivered.


Delivery in 45 minutes or less.  Make an order in under a minute!

Extreme delivery, for the green!

Mari was orignated in Toronto, ON with the goal of bringing quick and efficient delivery to the cannabis industry as we team up with the best distributors in Canada.  Mari's overall objective is to give the consumer an experience they have not yet had with Cannabis.  

Mari Values: Quality, Efficiency & Trust

To sign up for your FREE Mari account click the link:


Requirements : 19+ in age.  (You will need to upload ID to make a purchase)

Payments Options: Etransfer or Cryptocurrency


Please if you have any questions or looking for informartion check out the FAQ section at or shoot us an email

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9:00am -  2:00am
9:00am -  2:00am
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9:00am -  2:00am
9:00am -  2:00am
9:00am -  2:00am
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November 27th, 2017

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First-Time Patients

Create your free Mari account here :

Free Delivery Code: DELIVERY

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