Vape tip Cartridges along with oils (Island Pink)

  Flavours available include: Purple skunk, Mango, Island Pink   $60 together (including Vape)   $45 for the oil   $20 for the base     Island Pink is an extremely potent Indica-based hybrid born from parent strains Pink Kush and Island Kush. Not for the fIsland Pink is an excellent evening strain if you are looking to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and ADD, to name a few. Other known benefits of this hybrid plant are pain relief of severe muscle and joint pain as well as aint of heart      Each pod contains approx. 250 mg THC distillate, 175 mg of solventless hash oil, and 75 mg of organic terpenes offering a clean, organic, full spectrum experience. Includes one .5ml filled cartridge in Island Pink Flavor.

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