Serving size: one syringe Perfect for on-the-go usage. Each syringe has approximately 33 mg of CBD High concentration of CBD. Designed to fit into a busy schedule.  This product is usually used for inflammation, reduction of muscle spasms, diabetes, and stress relief. Each of the daily dose products comes in an oral syringe, marked to make dosage selection and administering the oil easy. One of the great advantages of this is that you don’t need to do the math that you typically have to do with dropping CBD oil. The 1000 mg formula has a pleasant, citrus taste, with the usual hint of hemp that you would expect from CBD products. There is no strong aftertaste associated with this product. The amount of CBD that you receive will depend on how much of the syringe contents you consume. The 1000 mg formula is the middle range of available potencies. The entire 1ml contents of the syringe is equal to 33 mg of CBD. If you are looking for calmness and relaxation, then this is a great product. The oil is quite thick, making it easy to place under the tongue for an extended time. A tincture is an extract from plant sources which is infused with oil. Tinctures can be added into drink or food, or taken directly by mouth. Tinctures are a great foray into the world of CBD, as you can start with small doses and increase as required. CBD Living Tinctures are taken orally.. Tinctures are usually taken by placing a few drops underneath your tongue. As oral mucosa are so absorptive, CBD enters the bloodstream almost immediately. If you choose to add the tincture to food or drink, absorption will be slightly slower as the CBD must pass through the liver.

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