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CBD Water by CBD Living is made with 100% organic and natural hemp CBD extracts using cutting-edge nanotechnology to infuse natural CBD extract in approximately 9+pH alkaline water. Stay hydrated and get your daily CBD all in one!

CBD Water is great for people on the go. It offers a convenient, hydrating way to get your daily CBD with guess-free dosing. 

Each 500 ml bottle of water contains 10 million nanograms of CBD and is highly bioavailable and absorbable. 

Take a bottle of CBD Water with you to the gym or your favorite yoga class and experience the properties of CBD.

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5 stars

Great fresh taste


First timer

I'm new to the CBD thing, and this water was great!

Love this water.

Very refreshing. Great taste. Felt good after drinking it. So I guess the cbd worked. I would buy again. Only $3 more then essentia water. Yolo


This is like holy water! It's amazing and is really good


This is like holy water! It's amazing and is really good


Definitely one of my all time favorite products. Great for hydrating & feeling my best! Love it

CBD bro!

Really works! Good for a lot of things


This is like holy water! It's amazing and is really good


Was a little skeptical to try CBD Water because I did not really know anything about it. After trying the water I was amazed there was no bad taste to it and it helped to calm me down and take the edge off of my shoulder pain. Thank you CBD Living!

Anxiety Cure

I was a non believer at first of the water just cause of how severe my anxiety was but after having two bottles I noticed a difference. I drink this every other day now and it's the best thing I could ever have. It's crazy to go from panic attacks everyday to having one in a blue moon I finally became myself again and I really have to thank cbd living water for that!!
The Masterbaker


Always keep this handy in case I injest a bit too much thc...it helps me maintain functioning level...❤️


My name is Val, I live in California and have SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus). I recently discovered this water about two weeks ago. I had been smoking medical cannabis due to being unable to afford a vape for the longest time now. Lupus and the pain it brings has long been causing me to miss work or at the very least have to leave early for a few years now. I also get seizures as of late because of it. Initially, I continued to hold onto smoking because it was still the thing that worked best for me, better than any medications anyways at suppressing the pain and or symptoms from my medications. However, after making the switch I noticed the pain had stopped. I started smoking less and eventually even stopped. I’ve now gone 4 full days without smoking once. I went from having to smoke 3 times to try to get through the day to just escape pain/avoid seizures, to just using this water. For those who are unfamiliar, Lupus is an auto-immune disease that is inflammatory driven. I am now pushing this water as the new liquid ibuprofen even on people who have a stigma against its source. Try it. Research it. It may just change your life. It did mine.

Howard R. New York City 9/11 Responder

I was diagnosed several years ago with COPD, Interstitial Lung Disease and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder with no cure in sight for any of the aforementioned so I do the best I can. The aches and pains are daily and not worth listing but the lack of sleep and anxiety one feels when short of breath is truly scary! Recently I was told about your CBD Living Water and I was to say the least very skeptical but to my surprise it had a very calming effect on me and allowed me to fall asleep without the sleep aid drugs I have taken for some time now not to mention it tastes so clean and refreshing I thought I had the best filtration on my home but nothing compared to the taste of your product. On a second note My Wife who is a Cancer survivor and recently as of two years ago a Brain Tumor surgery added she felt the CBD Living Water has taken away her Anxiety without causing her to feel medicated leaving her calm and in control. I would have found this all hard to believe if I have not lived what I am describing in this letter and witnessed my wife relaxing except when I won’t share my Living Water with her haha.

Great relaxation and pain relief

Just simply a great product for its intended audience.
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