***SALE!!! Space Gem Grape Gem Guice, 2oz. ***2019 Hightimes 1st Place Winner!

Product description

25% OFF!!! Was $24 now $18!!! Best by date: 6/26/21 | 100mg THC | Gem Guice is an organic simple syrup made with ice water hash. This Guice is so tasty, it can be poured over pancakes or ice cream, added to sparkling water or you can drink it straight! All Space Gem products are handmade in Humboldt County with organic, vegan, and gluten free ingredients, natural flavors and colors, and love. From the founder of Space Gem: "Space Gem began in 2013 as a labor of love in my home kitchen. I started making edibles because I wanted to share Humboldt's quality cannabis and help people live healthier, happier lives. Now Space Gem products can be found throughout the state of California, but we're still making them in Humboldt County, where it all began, with local ice water hash. Ice water hash or bubble hash, is a specific technique to separate THC trichomes to isolate the resin in cannabis. Using micro screens, ice and water, you strain out resin glands. Ice water separation is a cleaner method that doesn't involve other solvents and allows for a more refined hash and a fantastic product." Cheers!

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