Fig Farms Banana Fig *22.26% *New Batch & On Sale This Week!!!

22.26% THC | 70% Indica / 30% Sativa | Banana Fig is exquisite and a Cannabis Cup winner for a couple simple reasons: the nugs are beautiful with bag appeal for days, and the amazing smells and flavors are unique and memorable. This is one from Fig Farms that you need to try. The smell translates really well into the subtle flavor of the Banana Fig. I say “subtle flavor” because the Banana Fig isn’t an overpowering, mouth-coating flavor, but instead it draws you in with soft flavors of banana + floral + creamy sweetness. It’s not like an OG that kicks you in the face with Pinesol funk, but more like a seductress that lures you in slowly until you realize you’re in too deep and can’t escape from her terpene embrace. Fig Farms is based in Sonoma county, and is focused on growing in-house strains that they've meticulously bred through years of research & development. Their use of original landrace strains for breeding allows them to spawn hybrids with extremely unique phenotypical characteristics not found in any other breeding lines. In 2017 Fig Farms won first place in the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup for their landmark creation, Banana Fig 8.

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