Jack Herer


Enjoy the signature buzz of the classic Jack Herer cultivar from Golden Leaf Scientific. The Jack Herer effect is as singular as it is enjoyable, inciting creativity and an energizing body buzz that's great for daytime use. It also has a unique woody-pine taste that pairs beautifully with its tempered effects.

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5 stars

Can’t go wrong

Whenever I’m given the opportunity to get Jack Herer, I’m buying Jack Herer. This is my first time buying from Golden Leaf Scientifics and I am smitten. Right when you break the seal and peel the top back, the smell slaps you in the face. The weed is super fresh and fluffy and it looks to be trimmed and curated with some skill. While it’s hard to screw up Jack Herer, GLS made sure to show the strain some love. Looking forward to trying some other strains from GLS once I finish this up.
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