Perhaps one of the most talked about strains out there, G-13, or Government Indica Strain 1 is arguably the only known strain to have been bred by the US government!   This notorious strain has been the subject of many rumors in its time, having been around since the 1970s or 80s, G13 is a mystery to many. What we can be sure of, however, is its potential for the relief of debilitating symptoms such as loss of appetite, seizures, nausea and more!   G-13 has a 22-24% THC level and provides a creative and focus feeling in users, followed by a couch-locking feeling of euphoria. Not recommended for those who want a big boost of energy and creativity, as this is likely to be short-lived before the body high begins. A 70% Indica, G13 is known for its strong body high and ability to combat chronic pain, making this a popular choice for many who use cannabis for medicinal purposes!  

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