Babylon's Garden Flower - Ice Cream Cake (1/8th)


Since 2011, Babylon's Garden has been known to have some of the most exotic strains of cannabis in the world.  Now we package those strains in our nitrogen sealed aluminum cans!  #LookForTheLION

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5 stars

GREAT tasting,unique smell is VERY GOOD, STRONG AF

So I have tried so far 3 different cake strain from Babylon gardens, wedding cake, ice cream cake, and this lava cake. All three have similar strength in my opinion vbut all smell very differently and taste differently. This one tastes the best to me out of all three But since they are similar in strength I can’t say I like it more than the others. This one though is very unique, in 11 years of smoking I have never had a strain this unique tasting, and if you have tried ice cream cake from dispensaries from their mason jars it is a ENORMOUS chance you didn’t try real ice cream cake or indoor ice cream Cake, most Dispo’s lie about the strain names. You can tell by remembering a few names you have never seen and googling them and you will see some don’t even exist. Babylon gardens flower is ALWAYS the REAL strain so you should definitely try this strain, or other strains from here but I guarantee this one will never disappoint you and it might be the most unique strain you will ever see
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