Full Spectrum Dab Applicator - House Hybrid Blend

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Whether you dab it, vape it, or infuse it, applicators are known for their versatile nature and user-ease. This micro dosage applicator makes oils easier to use and gives you a better dabbing experience. Now you can add some oil to your joint, dab it or cook your own edibles with ease. Pro Tip: The plunger on an oil syringe can be kind of touchy. Press lightly and slowly to dispense your oil. This will save you the mess and heartache of lost oil.

Our C02 dab applicators are made with supercritical full spectrum oil produced from cannabis grown in organic living soil.  Clean and pure, this extraction method preserves the full cannabinoid and terpine profile of each strain.  Terpenes work with and enhance cannabinoids in different ways creating what's known as the entourge effect and what makes each strain unique.  This is why some strains help you sleep, some give you energy, some releive pain, some create euphoria and some releive anxiety.  This whole plant extract delivers the full spectrum of every strain. These are a house blend of a few of our favorite strains, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer and Tutankhmon. The result is a hybrid sativa leaning blend with earthy, sweet, berry notes.  The high is relaxing and also uplifting which lends itself both to daytime and nightime use. 1g  100% pure organically grown cannabis oil.  800mg THC.

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